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Prolab Digital has been Los Angeles' premier source for high quality fine art prints for over twenty years and that includes bamboo, birch, kirei board, and reclaimed wood!

For gorgeous, all natural, environmentally friendly printing, it doesn't get much better than our high quality wood prints. We offer a variety of products including bamboo, birch, kirei board, and reclaimed wood among others. Artists and interior designers the world over come to us for gallery ready wood prints. Printing on wood offers a unique and warm presentation of your image being displayed on the wall.

We are able to print on smooth and textured wood surfaces using the Oce Arizona 550XT UV Flatbed printer. Most common wood materials we print on in ¼” thickness. The Oce Arizona can handle substrates up to up 98.4 by 120 inches in size, and up to 2” thick. While much of the printing we do is on standard rectangular wood sheets , we can print directly onto irregular shapes such as P.O.P cutouts, skateboards, electric guitar bodies, logo signage, and table tops.

In the past, applying graphics to wood involved using adhesive vinyl which would eventually chip and peel off. Today, Prolab Digital's cutting edge technology prints directly onto the wood surface, providing increased longevity and a much cleaner look to your wall decor.

Printing on Birch
Birch is a wood we commonly use when wood printing is desired. It is an economical material and produces beautiful results when printed upon. The wood grain adds and element of elegance to the printed wood image and does not detract from the image. We recommend birch for wall décor art, portrait photos, and any usage where an uncommon look is wanted but economy is important. Wood Birch board prints come with French cleats for easy wall mounting.

Printing on Bamboo
To give your artwork a truly customized look, consider printing on wood bamboo. Bamboo has a distinctive pattern that can really personalize a photograph or graphic, while providing a creative accent to a home or office interior. Used in sizes from 8”x10 to 48”x96”, wood bamboo printing can be used to enhance photographs and artwork for use as wall decorations. In larger sizes bamboo printing can give a striking appearance to interiors such as restaurants, hotels, and offices. As an added advantage, bamboo is a natural material that easily biodegrades and its use is very eco-friendly. Bamboo board prints come with French cleats for simple and easy wall mounting.

Printing on Reclaimed Wood
More than a recent home decor fad, printing high quality images on reclaimed wood from an old farm or torn down structure is one of the best way to add character to an image presentation, as well as recycling wood that would otherwise rot away. We work on the specifics of reclaimed wood projects on a case by case basis. All reclaimed wood is provided to us by the client.


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