There’s that potential for window areas at various establishments and even on vehicles to become possible advertising space. But, how can you put up these signs without completely blocking the view. That’s where perforated window vinyl comes into the picture. Your best option for creating the biggest brand splash that still allows sunlight, and lets you see out of your store or the rear window of your vehicle can be captured through this digitally printed perforated vinyl.

This adhesive backed PVC vinyl or window perf is usually made up of evenly spaced round holes that have a perforated pattern. Light can still pass through this print especially for those inside the store, but the printed image on the front remains quite visible. Other terminologies for this type of print could be “see-through vinyl” or “one-way vision film.

These uniformly sized holes have a designated number to determine print coverage and visibility. For the 50/50 option, that means half of the installation will have a printable area, while the other half will have the perforations. There are 70/30, 60/40 options that are available as well.

The printing is done in layers wherein a white vinyl makes up the printable surface followed by a black vinyl backing. This supporting layer provides that optical illusion so that the printing on the white surface becomes clearer and sharper from a distance. It also allows viewers from the inside to look outwards. The more popular uses for this specialized printing can be seen on retail windows, glass panes in offices, and even vehicle windows are possible. The point is to make the image stand out on the outside while light can still pass through for those on the inside.

These window graphics can be more commonly found on company delivery vehicles aside from other retail establishments and property managers hoping to rent out their available spaces. The good thing about perforated window vinyl is that views don’t get obstructed especially when those inside need to see what’s outside. If you go with the usual solid print, you have to strategically locate the sticker so you don’t block anyone’s vision. The perforated option doesn’t give you that problem.

Because of the growing trend to have these moving billboards, quite a number of companies have recognized the marketing potential offered. Traditional media like print, radio, and television spots require payment for each spot booked with their outfit. Once you install the advertisement on your delivery vehicle, that’s on there for the duration of the services without the need for additional payment. In a sense, pay once, and you’ll always have that advertising present on your car. And wherever this vehicle finds itself, the advertisement consequently gets brought along with it. Studies have shown that in heavily populated areas, an average of 16 million impressions can be made with just that one vehicle. You’re bound to cover a lot of area just by the obvious fact that you have to move around.

The installation of these graphics may require a half-day and hopefully the weather remains warm in order to support the process. But, with a professional group, you can take out the need to worry from the equation.

With the ongoing improvements cropping up in printing technology, other possible areas to showcase these prints have opened up. These durable high quality graphics could almost be posted anywhere. It’s just limited by the marketer’s imagination. These perforated vinyl posters can be placed on hotel windows advertising their latest offerings. Large airport glass areas can more effectively share the joys of traveling. As earlier discussed, commercial vehicles can become their very own billboards. Convention halls, and shopping malls can maximize their glass space for a more targeted messaging placement. Of course, we cannot discount retail outfits from proudly proclaiming discounts for loyal and converted customers. With such a cost effective mechanism, the popularity of this medium can only continue to grow.

In most major cities, it’s best to check what ordinances are enforced when it concerns advertising on your storefront. Perhaps, in order to support and increase commercial activity, these legal matters are waived. But, better to err on the side of caution so your installation doesn’t unnecessarily get taken down due to some legal impediments. It may seem not to be that strictly regulated, but it’s good to confirm if any restrictions exist. Maybe only a fourth of the window area will be allowed to have any advertising on it while the remaining space needs to remain clear.

These perforated wraps have been found to filter out any excessive outside light entering the front windows of your business. There perhaps would be no need to purchase additional, blinds, tints, or curtains for this purpose and therefore, that saves you some money. Plus, you have a nice piece of advertising out there continuously promoting your premium offers.

Aside from the considerable advertising space that has been maximized, privacy concerns have been justly protected with this solution. Due to the make-up of the vinyl, in a similar way to regular tinting, there is a notable reduction in the absorption of heat and the entry of light. If the image has a majority of white, light, and pastel shade colors, that also increases the cooling effect in some manner. Again, that supports your need to save on cooling costs like your air-conditioning for instance. Your security and protection initiatives are supported as well since nefarious individuals will not be able to case the inside of your business because their outside view will be diminished. Any small rocks, minute gun pellets or other minimal vandalism may be discouraged because the vinyl somehow adds another layer of protection to the glass.

The costs of installing such graphics might seem prohibitive at the beginning, but when matched with temporary signages like banners, in the long run, the investment will be very much worth your while. These larger designs will create more of an impact compared to small boards that may not get noticed at all.

The only downside would probably be at night when the light emanating from within the workspace allows those from the outside to see what’s happening inside. Yes, the reverse effect happens as the natural light fades and the artificial illuminations kick in. The saturation of colors may not be as solid as a complete piece of material, but the effectivity remains quite high regardless of these minor details. Your sign will be noticed and that’s what matters in the end.

Competent professional installers will have your perforated window vinyl graphics up in no time. But, you can also choose the do-it-yourself procedure if you want to save a bit. Good to wait for a sunny and windless day so that the installation goes off without a hitch. The worst thing to happen is to have a crumpled and not so neat installation that might drive away potential clients instead of warmly inviting them to visit your space.

HOW HOLES CAN MAKE A WHOLE Just imagine filling up your available window space with food pics, smiling faces of happy families, beloved cartoon characters, nature scenes, favorite pets, or with anything for that matter which you feel would best represent your business. You’re already providing a snapshot for your clientele about what your shop has to offer. Add to that the advantage of maintaining your indoor privacy without entirely blocking your view to the outside world.

Prolab Digital can do just that for you because they want to help spread the good news about your brand or your services. They’re not just limited to windows because their high quality graphics can be placed on walls, floors, ceilings, or just about any surface that brings out all your creative marketing juices.

Like we mentioned, the advantage with perforated window vinyl graphics is that you still get a view while still being able to maximize your advertising presence. Windows are the openings which customers gauge whether or not they wish to enter and conduct some business at your establishment. They can see what you have displayed on your window panes, while you can see them without them knowing just that. Surprise them by stepping outside and inviting them in. That just might give you that much welcome sale.

This type of vinyl can be temporarily or permanently installed on your window space. Ride on the advantage of delivery vehicles that have this advertising medium covering their rear windows. Time to let your store stand out so people get up and take notice to what you have in store. If you choose the temporary option, your storefront can easily adjust to the changing of the seasons or proudly announce when a not-to-be missed sale will only be scheduled for a certain period.

If you want to fill up the entire wall aside from the windows, this complete graphic image can flow seamlessly with the perforated window vinyl as the preferred material for window areas. So that means, your complete sign remains complete because the material just adjusts to the applicable surface. With vehicle wraps, the same concept holds true. From the car’s solid metal body to the windows, the whole design can remain intact from end to end. Obviously, the perforated material will be the one used to cover the windows.

So, even if you can poke holes into the image, the whole picture stays in place while still allowing some light to pass through. With this technique, you’ve unleashed limitless possibilities for your mobile delivery options to become active billboards that ply the streets. Or your static windows take up a life of their own without unnecessarily sacrificing their main function which is to let some light into the place of business without fully obstructing the outside scenery.

FEEL THE POSITIVITY WITH PROLAB DIGITAL PERFORATED WINDOW VINYLS Having windows is always a plus. That’s because you get to maximize the use of natural light and the area just feels brighter and lighter. But sometimes that light might just get a little bit too bright and cause that unintended greenhouse effect. Those left inside might feel the heat turn up a wee bit too much. But, it would be a shame to just cover up the windows with the usual drab tints or curtain details that don’t really add any value to what your business needs.

This is why the effect you can get from using perforated window vinyl may just give you that needed edge to get your operation going. Not only will you get to save on your cooling costs, you’ve transformed your windows into additional support for your marketing efforts. Plus, the privacy provided adds that layer of security. It would also be a hoot to see how many people notice the eye-catching graphics on your front windows without them actually being aware of what’s transpiring inside the store.

So, try out this very effective advertising option especially with the people who have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Prolab Digital can help get you your positive results and share with you their expertise in installing these innovative graphics. Please contact them through +1 (310) 846 4496 right away and see for yourself how these attention grabbing signs can work for you. Your unique marketing solutions are within reach and they are more than ready to advise you about the best treatment for your windows. Splash your logo on that expanse, show off more of your novel products, drive those sales up, all with the information creatively displayed for everyone to see and appreciate. Look into what a perforated window vinyl advertisement can do for you to let more of that light inside. Sooner than later, there’ll be more customers entering your door curious to see just what’s behind those very effective signs. The holes that let in the illumination will also guide the targeted clientele to your business. Don’t wait to make the most out of this opportunity to have such wonderful windows leading to more sales. ■