Prolab has been involved in the hotel and resort industry for over twenty years by providing award winning graphics for interior designers and architects. Our extensive experience in this area enables us to understand what works when it comes to producing cost effective and attractive visual products. Whether the project involves one hotel or multiple hotels all over the world, we can provide graphics solutions for virtually every need.

Hotels provide living and work spaces for people away from home, and strive to create restful and professional atmospheres conducive to these activities. Tasteful interior design contributes to creating an attractive environment as well as branding a look for the hotel or hotel chain. Whether interior spaces involve lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants, retail spaces, hotel suites and guestrooms, convention halls, or public areas, Prolab Digital can provide graphics and artwork to decorate these spaces.

Let Prolab Digital be your one-stop solution for all your signage and interior design needs. We can provide graphics that can be integrated into hotel interior design by utilizing all of the printing resources at our disposal. We can produce canvas giclee and framed photographic Lightjet prints for wall decorations. We print on aluminum, bamboo, kirei board, and many other substrates for use as art accents. Even fabrics can be custom printed and used for drapes, curtains, and flags. Vinyl adhesive can be used to create wall murals, custom wallpaper, and floor and ceiling graphics. Mesh banner can cover hotel and retail shop windows both for sunlight reduction and also for branding purposes. Our vinyl banners are useful for advertising convention and meeting activities, hotel retail stores, and ongoing events. Graphics on retractable banner stands and portable displays are effective as temporary signage inside the hotel and convention spaces.

Prolab Digital has you covered on the exteriors of buildings, also. Vinyl banners printed on our Scitex XLJet Grand Format printer can be made into super graphics large enough to cover the outside of an entire hotel. We routinely print billboards for advertising, fence mesh graphics, building barricades, and large banners. Our experience extends across all areas of indoor and outdoor printing, enabling us to accurately advise you on all your graphics and marketing needs.

Whether your needs are local or international, Prolab Digital can help. Our in-house team of experts can handle local installations. Through our network of professionals, we can also install anywhere in the country. Shipping is available internationally, also.

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