Cinema has provided more than just mere entertainment for the masses. It can be an educational immersion of sorts dealing with pressing issues like racism, prejudice, or even the horrors of war. The dramatization of historical narratives helps in the overall lesson, but these morals can also be culled from other stories. Classic themes of good winning over evil, of innocents getting rescued from oppression, or of heroes discovering their true calling have continued to be fan favorites. The silver screen has proven to be a subtle view of the human condition translated into something that appeals to all the senses in some sense.

But creating these epic films come at a great expense. Producers and studios hope to recoup those costs and that gets accomplished by getting as many people to watch these cinematic collaborations. Once you hear the sound of crickets inside the theater, that’s not a good sign for the film and for the bottom line of those who backed the making of this movie. So, tremendous effort goes into marketing this product in the most cost-efficient way possible. Big budget flicks also require big budget marketing campaigns so that everyone can happily get remunerated for the effort they invested. Such is the glamor and glitz of show business.

Usually, the trailer for the movie is meant to entice audiences for this upcoming attraction. This snippet of the movie provides that sneak peek without hopefully giving too much away. Trailers are probably shown a year in advance of the official release date. Production houses specializing in putting these trailers together are the ones tapped for this effort. Because if the potential audience doesn’t get excited or interested about what they’re seeing and hearing, they might not consider watching at all when the movie gets shown in the nearest malls and cinema complexes.

The official web site of the movie also gets heavily publicized. In today’s digital age, there is that call for more interaction with their target market. There’s that opportunity to go through other versions of the trailer, some exclusive behind-the-scenes content like interviews and such are on hand, while mini documentaries and plot synopses might also be accessed. Mobile phone ringtones, desktop wallpaper, games, chat forums, and the like might even be browsed. There’s also an opportunity for the advanced purchase of tickets. This engagement tries to keep audiences interested and excitedly anticipating the actual show date.

An all-out media offensive of sorts is what the marketing departments of studios are after with regard to getting the word out about their film. That means connecting with newspapers, magazines, and the very popular entertainment news shared by various television programs. To achieve this maximum effect, press junkets are the order of the day to engage multiple targets with hopefully minimum cost and effort. At these junkets, bloggers, entertainment reporters, journalists as well as other movie critics are gathered at a discreet location for the day or a long weekend to focus solely on this upcoming feature. Those involved with the movie proper, the actors, directors, screenwriters, and relevant producers are placed in separate rooms. Invited media guests are ushered in one at a time to conduct their exclusive interviews.

These press junkets have the interviews monitored by a publicist that encouragers the interviewers to highlight the positive aspects of the film. The common set-up is having the actor and other stars strategically positioned by the movie poster. If you’ve seen this on TV, that most probably came from one of these organized junkets

Press junkets can evolve into something simple or as complicated as the marketers would want. This could involve a world tour and various previews in many cities around the world. This just shows the international reach and status that these blockbuster projects demand. Media outlets based in these locales are given the opportunity to have a face-to-face encounter with these stars which their voracious readers actively seek in their respective publications and programs. The resulting interaction allows a quick and efficient use of resources so that the movie gets that all important buzz and the media gets the story they want.

As the release date of the movie approaches, there is also a respective increase in publicity so that everyone gets reminded to watch this film when it comes out. The reason for this publicity blitz is to give an impression that people can’t miss out on this exciting feature. Buses will get wrapped in the poster of this action flick, billboards will start sprouting all over the city, full page ads will be strategically placed in leading newspapers and magazines. And there will be an upsurge in trailer impressions on TV and on the web. Guest appearances on highly rated talk shows by the actors involved are also part of the marketing mix.

With the reality of Internet memes and other eye-catching content, this channel has also been a marketing goldmine for up and coming movies. The range moves from very interactive ads placed in websites and other high traffic areas to original content driven clips creatively produced by fans. Additional behind-the-scene teaser shots, bloopers, or other tweets also help the cause. Whatever trends and gets more people primed for your release date are very much welcome contributors to the marketing efforts of this hyped up release.

Cross promotion has also been another tactic used by movies as a means of support. Fast food establishments seem to be most visible with these tie-ins by offering promo meals with the main characters printed on their cups, buckets, and other paraphernalia. Retail outlets present an exclusive run of fashion items that have these copyrighted images proudly emblazoned on their merchandise. When the movie does well, these tie-ups are also bound to ride on that wave of success. It’s really a win-win situation for all those involved.

Publicity stunts also become a tool that studio outfits acknowledge because of the potential buzz and story sharing that it can generate. Convenience stores may temporarily be transformed into the familiar location settings that the protagonists have in the film. Flash mobs, daredevil acts, attention grabbing activities are calibrated so that more people take photos of what they witness and get more of their friends involved in the conversation. After all, if not that many people are aware that your hit is about to play in nearby theaters, then that hit might unfortunately become the flop that no one wants and that everybody wants to avoid.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, so there’s a definite need to conduct preview screenings to predict how other audiences may react in a positive or negative way. There’s no evaluation form to be filled out like test screenings, but at least the lucky few who are able to attend this preview become the advocates and spokespersons of what they feel to be quite an exciting film. Radio stations, print media and other outlets get in on the hype by offering free tickets on air to their fortunate listeners. Critics are also supported so that reviews can be created in hopefully a favorable light. If the ratings are well received, then that creates that atmosphere and anticipation to encourage more fans to fill up theater seats especially on opening weekend.

There’s really no exact science on how to promote a film. The main goal is really to invite as many viewers to support the movie and hopefully that creates a heaven-sent impact on all the box office receipts. Marketing can only do so much because if the movie’s a real stinker, no amount of smoke and mirrors can remove the stench. The film must be able to stand by itself because the marketing efforts build on the good will and fan anticipation that the cinematic genre commands.


At any large gathering or premium event, you’ll always wonder what the whole shebang is for in the first place. If you get any event organizer worth their salt, they’ll do their very best to tailor make the entire look of the venue into the theme of the movie. The setting is a space adventure, so everything must have that out of this world feel. Are we heading for a fast and furious car chase? Than the lead actors must definitely arrive in style with their amazingly pimped up rides. The movie should be at the forefront always and any décor or activation should support what the film’s message is trying to convey.

The primary advertisement for the film should almost always be the backdrop. This major photo wall should be placed in a strategic and prominent area right in front of the firing line where photographers are more than welcome to shoot away. That background should display the title of the movie and the other relevant studios and production outfits that played a significant role in making this all come about.

If that’s the only photo to be published and forwarded to various digital sites all over the planet, then the backdrop has pretty accomplished what it was meant for. The actors, producers, writers, may seem familiar and have their own specific storylines. But, the task at hand remains to tell and to keep telling the whole world that this movie shouldn’t be missed. When those very passionate fans catch their favorite stars in front of those clear texts with the title of the flick, they’ll be the ones who get the ball rolling and rally the troops to head for the theaters pronto. Yes, your backdrop sets the tone and presents the information you want disseminated subtly, yet efficiently.


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