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For most product launches or corporate gatherings of significance, organizing and holding a special event for this purpose seems to have become the industry norm. It can be as simple or as grand depending on what management is willing to spend for these auspicious occasions. The main goal is to generate that buzz among loyal consumers and with friends in the media so that the news lives beyond the “one night only” staging of this particular production.

It goes without saying that a lot of pictures would be taken at these events. Celebrities, VIP’s, top government officials, and other honored guests will most probably be asked to pause and pose for a quick photograph. Aside from what the event itself is for and why it was conceived as such, another source of relevant information is who attended. That’s where the significance of the step and repeat backdrop comes in.

The Step and Repeat Backdrop provides a subtle background area for sponsors, whether one or more, to have their logos printed and repeated using a step or diagonal alternating pattern. The purpose of this is to give prominence to the brand regardless of who happens to be in the forefront of the shot. At these red carpet special events or related press conferences, the corporate identity is presented as the main precursor for such a momentous gathering.

Having photo ops or opportunities with these backdrops can actually give that professional feel and more than adequately marks the event for that date. The printed banners provide that essential background and create that meaning for the evening’s festivities. How would it look like if the stars we admire get photographed with nothing behind them? We would have no idea what affair they graced their presence with or who the corporate sponsor was for them to purposefully be there.

Since these photos will most likely exist into perpetuity whether in digital form or as a physical hard copy, the design elements should remain timeless as well and must be given a great deal of importance. When multiple shots are involved, sensitivity to lighting and angle issues should be very much considered. Investing in a high-quality step and repeat backdrop with an unforgettable design accompanied by the appropriate lighting set-up is a must-have for any event.


What is the expected number of attendees at this event? That will help determine how many people at one time will have their picture in front of the banner. An 8×8 banner size remains the most in demand size backdrop, but the 8×4 for smaller events is adequate. Larger events may need the 8×10 or 8×12 so the backdrop doesn’t get lost in the crowd potentially covering it.

As much as possible, the banner should be seamless. It would look so awkward if a big seam marking where two banners were sewn together figures prominently in the photograph. Keep the print seam-free to keep your pictures problem-free.

Glossy banner material might cause the step and repeat banner to look too shiny. The photos might have an obvious glare and nobody wants that. Perhaps, a matte option, and not gloss, will diminish the glare effect or eliminate it completely. Even if the banner material chosen is matte, any prominent bright white showing on the material might bring about that unintended glare. Adding a bit of gray to the background for the step and repeat backdrop can still give it that white appearance, but the glare problem would be reduced.

If there’s a certain theme being pushed for that event, the color combination of the backdrop should reflect this. It would be quite the faux pas if the banner looked off and didn’t exactly jive with what the organizer wanted. Be sensitive to the color scheme and harmonize everything in order to give that cohesive feel for that production collaboration.

The logos are the most critical design element for the backdrop. Two to four logos have that “less is more” undertone. Pushing it to about five to six logos is still doable on an 8×8 step and repeat backdrop. Don’t forget the main sponsor should have the most obvious and prominent feature on the final printout. That would be so embarrassing if the premier player gets left by the wayside. Display that brand with the most significance first and add any other logos later on in terms of their contribution or importance to the event. The logos should be spaced well throughout the backdrop. It shouldn’t be too near or too far from each other. Professional designers or printers can assist you in coming up with the most optimal look.

If the logo comes from a low resolution file, when blown up the result might cause it to become too pixelated, too blurry, and too fuzzy. That unwanted outcome must be avoided at all cost. Please conform that your source material for the logos can be manipulated without sacrificing the quality if this were the case.

To add more oomph to the backdrop and to disrupt the monotony, consider having the logos in different sizes. Remember that what you compose on the computer screen will be printed on a very large format. Logo sizes mostly range from about 9” wide to 11” wide. The box-shaped logos have a tendency to come out better when they are about 5-7” wide. If the source file for logos are low-quality and become pixelated, these should be made smaller. The larger logos that have better resolution come out clear and crisp should be presented as such. Of course, the important brand identity for the major players should be given the most deserving areas on the backdrop.

One should be able to store and roll up the finished product in an 8’ long tube. This will keep the banner from wrinkling and creasing especially if this will be displayed on a later date. Folding the backdrop will cause noticeable creases on this material. Hanging the banner for a couple of days may help diminish these creases. After the event proper, please roll up the banner and store properly for future use.

When placing the backdrop in a particular walkway or the main picture taking area, lighting effects and the results of flash photography should be taken into account. Most especially for high profile events, just imagine the chaos of multiple flash bulbs going off at the same time. These problems caused by flash photography should be properly addressed.

Perhaps by contracting a professional photographer who has experience in these type of scenarios, whatever suggestions he or she can give to avoid the step and repeat backdrop from getting blurred or whited out can be quite beneficial. Setting up the banner beforehand provides a clearer indication on how to solve potential lighting and picture taking issues.

For example, by taking a picture of the step and repeat banner with a celebrity figure through an angle avoids that perpendicular photo shot. Any direct face on shots may cause a glare on the photo. What’s holding up the backdrop should not be included in the shot as well. These stands are quite unattractive and may decrease the composition of the photograph. Shadows should also be reduced by the proper adjustment of lighting elements. One should not have the final backdrop unfortunately lost in the dark.

For our coverage purposes, our invited photographers should always make sure that everything is in its proper place. Batteries for cameras including the spare ones must be fully charged. Have the battery charger on standby for a quick recharge when the shoot gets intense. Various accessories like a tripod, extra lens, filters, etc., should be on hand and included in the bag. Memory cards must have enough space for all the pictures that will be taken for the event. It would be so sad and heart-breaking to not have enough memory since this event will be presenting such awesome photo ops.

Imagine what shots need to be composed to make the most out of the event. Who are the guests that need to be captured for posterity in a picture? Planning for these eventualities beforehand gets one ready for the intense shooting that’s part and parcel of these galas.

It’s important not be shy and just shoot away. The more shots stored gives the photographer numerous options to get the best shot possible. That’s why the memory card is critical because it determines how many shots can be stored on the card.

The LCD screen on the digital camera is only meant to be a guide. Any final processing should be conducted on the computer. But, keep the LCD screen clean and viewable so the initial perusal of the shots does not get hindered needlessly.

Always good to have the subjects feel as comfortable as possible. The event already has its share of stresses and pressures. But these distractions should not show up on the faces of the guests and organizers. Share a humorous anecdote and divert from the usual “say cheese” cues. Shout out that we’re all having a great time or that it’s such a blast to be here or something along those similar lines. The more natural the smiles, the better the final output on the photos.

Adequate time must be given for the set-up of the backdrop and other crucial paraphernalia. This preparation is key to making the best outcome possible for the photographers. The step and repeat backdrops look incredible and the people smiling in front of it should exude the excitement and awesomeness of such a fantastic event.


When it comes to staging these complicated and complex events, you need to be reassured that the graphics you choose for your backdrop are presented in a very professional manner. With over twenty years of experience in this industry, Prolab Digital remains the preferred supplier in producing these event backdrops.

Some notable events that Prolab Digital has participated in have been the Emmys, the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Golden Globes and other trending L.A. events. Local sports teams like the Angels, Clippers and Lakers have also had backdrops made for their press conferences, media interviews and for other sports coverage collaterals.

With such a roster of clients that demand only the very best, Prolab Digital’s printing facility has been commended for both its quality and quick turnaround. These events always rely on the high quality products of this group to supply their event requirements year after year.

The advanced Scitex LX Jet Grand Format Printer is more than capable of printing step and repeat banners in the 16-foot width by up to 150 feet in length size. Since Hollywood has such a fast paced gait, the team doesn’t get rattled easily in providing for the quick turnaround times. The challenges to supply these awaited red carpet and prestigious media events are met head on time and time again. Its competitive pricing allows Prolab Digital to actively work within the clients’ budget without sacrificing their high standards of service and quality.


Events already entail long man hours and tireless effort to get things off the ground. Why entrust your backdrop requirements to anyone else? If that company has been able to have world class directors, elite movie and television stars, admired athletes, and others have great shots taken in front of their backdrops, why would you have to consider other options. As a potential corporate sponsor, you would only want to associate with the best, because at these events you always need to show the public that you are the best.

ORDER NOW OR Just punch in the number +1 (310) 846 4496 right at this very moment to get an idea what wonders can be done for your event. When it involves having your logos printed and seen befitting a world stage, Prolab Digital can be your main source for these step and repeat backdrops. If Steven Spielberg and James Cameron are all smiles in front of these high quality banners, you’ll find yourself smiling, too. ■

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