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Prolab Digital has supplied high quality products to movie production companies for decades. We provide printed backdrops for film and television productions to simulate cityscapes, outdoor scenery, urban environments, war zones, and even outer space. Using our Scitex XL Jet Grand Format printer, we can produce vinyl or mesh backdrops 16 feet wide by 150 feet long in a single piece. Large backgrounds can be produced by splicing panels together using our Miller Weld Master heat seamer. For outdoor applications, mesh banner material can be used to allow wind to pass through the backdrop.

Backdrops printed on backlit UV lite material look fantastic when photographed. When lit from behind, these backdrops take on an almost three-dimensional quality. The set departments for the movies “The Fifth Element” and “Armageddon” used backlit graphics extensively. In Arnold Schwarzennegger’s movie, “Judgement Day”, Duratrans was used to simulate stained glass windows in the scale model of the church, a much cheaper alternative to the real thing.

Prolab Digital can also provide the 10 x 15 foot banners that are used to market new releases in theater lobbies. Produced in quantities that can sometimes number several thousands, these banners are printed, packed, and bulk shipped to either a central fulfillment location or directly to individual movie theaters.

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