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When an amazing photo can capture the majesty of creation or it somehow manages in a creative way to make the wind come to a halt, these images need to be appropriately preserved for all to enjoy. But, what material can help keep these pictures perfectly intact? What can enhance the imagery without sacrificing the artistry? Perhaps, this is the time to take a closer look into the advantages of using acrylic for photographic prints.

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Derived from Polymethyl Methacrylate acrylic, or PMMA, this has become one of the more commonly used forms of acrylic because it can stand up well to unpredictable weather changes, has that needed strength, and the obvious clarity that provides considerable versatility. Acrylic comes from plastic that is manufactured by using choice derivatives of acrylic acid. A variety of acrylic polymer grades exist in the market and are sometimes used for extrusion and injection molding manufacturing processes. There are polymers with transparent, translucent opaque and colored qualities that may have varying degrees of heat resistance, the ability for allowing light transmissions, customizable impact strength, with appropriate flow rates and release capabilities. Because of these inherent ingredients, PMMA acrylic sheets have that glass-like capability as seen through its clarity, brilliance, transparency, translucence. The material compared to glass is at half the weight and can be capable of up to 10 times the impact resistance. The final product can be tinted or colored, mirrored or transformed into opaque. Numerous coatings can be placed onto a sheet or the finished part to enhance performance and make it more scratch resistant, contain anti-fogging properties, help reduce glare and have solar reflectivity.

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Acrylic can be transformed to any shape due to its thermoplastic flexibility and it yields easily when placed under extremely high temperatures. Compared to other plastics, acrylic can be quite durable through erratic temperature changes and holds up to weather quite well.

Some brand names for acrylic are Plexiglas (plexiglass), Lucite or Perspex. The acrylic face or photo mount are just some terms that also refer to acrylic print. Direct printing on to the material vs printing onto paper and face mounting to acrylic (the acrylic and print are adhered with 1/8 – 1/4″ acrylic in front of the print) are the two distinct processes of creating an acrylic print. The more difficult and the more expensive process is the face mount process, but the results justify the cost.

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The face mount method provides better color pop and vibrancy. Colors always seem to shine best when printed on high quality white paper. Due to the reflective quality of acrylic, face mount takes advantage of this and adds more to the overall look of the image. A perennial glimmer of light sheens off the acrylic surface and adds that shine to and otherwise dull surface. The growing buzz amongst the very influential community of professional photographers is that this acrylic face mount technique is the way to go.


Its 26 years of experience in the printing world makes Prolab Digital the most logical choice in servicing your acrylic printing needs. By using exceptional Fuji crystal archive paper or Kodak Endura metallic paper, your photos are sure to come out like they were breathing in their natural element. This can also be credited to its highly advanced Lightjet 430 Digital photo printer. Mural-sized prints of up to 60” x 90’ can also be produced. Fuji or Kodak prints with ranges of 3.16”, ¼ “or ½ “are face mounted on clear Plexiglas acrylic with an optically clear adhesive.

The edges of the Plexiglas can be polished to a high gloss finish to bring about that extra level of refinement. For ease in displaying these priceless items on clean walls, French cleats are normally included at the back. Either a 1/8” Di-Bond aluminum board or 3mm Sintra board is strategically placed at the back of these photo prints as well.
There are quite a number of renowned museums and galleries around the nation that have displayed these masterfully accomplished Plexiglas acrylic photo prints. The Lightjet 430, aside from its detailed printing attributes, can produce these photos to last for more than a century.

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Known for its Durability
One has the choice to print directly on acrylic and then print on paper to be followed by a face mount behind acrylic methods. Due to its nature, acrylic can provides UV protection within the 70 – 98% range. This remains dependent on the acrylic used and it can stand up to 100% moisture protection when a direct print on acrylic is applied. This might be less compared to a face mount. With the assistance of your print shop, most would recommend a post-print varnish application to help protect against UV rays and moisture.
With any object for that matter, be careful not to drop these items so that damages can be minimized. Even though acrylic is considerably shatter resistant and somewhat lighter than glass, when dropped or abused the corners or edges can get chipped from this mishandling. This also includes intentional and accidental scratching, but an additional cost, the acrylic can be made scratch resistant. As long as the print is hung carefully in a visible location away from mischievous hands of little munchkins, and these items are packed well and cleaned properly, then scratching can be prevented and subsequently become a non-issue.

Acrylic Print acrylic printsacrylic prints2

A Certain Uniqueness
More often than not, acrylic becomes the hands down option for a good number of premium photographic works. But, the acrylic face mount method may still lead to a lot of dazed and confused looks from the general populace. Even if this process seems to gaining some popularity, it still hasn’t found its voice in the mainstream consciousness. This form of acrylic presentation has been a favorite medium for a considerable set of photographers looking to be more than just another art show. The acrylic photo mount makes a strong statement when presented side by side with the usual ordinary frames that remain quite dated.

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Appreciating Its Appearance
How one appreciates a certain look or how an item is presented may differ from person to person. When it comes to the way that acrylic gives an impression, it can be described as having more of a modern flair. Sleek lines, smooth flowing edges can invoke the image of towering structures that are meant to be launched into the heavens. Accented black colors may pop out more due to the balance of light and shadow. Due to the light reflective properties of acrylic, a certain 3D image feel may be noticed and the colors seem to be more vibrant brought about by such an effect.

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Ease of Transportability
Other materials might be lighter in terms of weight, but you can’t discount the protective properties that acrylic brings to the table. Hopefully, you won’t need to move your choice art pieces that often, but if it ever happens, your timeless portraits are transport-ready and have that durable surface to keep them intact and in one place.

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Getting What You Pay For
Other options are available at a lesser cost but you get less quality in the long run. If you’re looking to really preserve treasured art pieces, best to invest in acrylic that provides protection and presentation in a reasonable package. Like any innovation, the technology can get more affordable over a certain period of time. Prices may drop on acrylic for companies that print directly on this material and make the most out of its less labor intensive and less breakable features. For large pieces, there are challenges of keeping the work dust and lint free, but the utmost care is taken to give the client the best possible presentation and a price that matches the final product and its overall effect.

The Astuteness of Acrylic
As a photographer with a natural eye to appreciate beauty in all forms, the investment of using acrylic to preserve professionally taken photographs can be well worth it. There are a million and one choices out there when it comes to picking out unique art pieces, so buying into the advantages that acrylic can give might be the extra oomph needed for such pieces. Most corporations prefer the high end and sleeker impact that acrylic delivers for their needs. When it comes to making that first impression, acrylic on its own is a Broadway production number or a subtle X factor contestant that just gets noticed no matter what. These acrylic mounts are causing quite a stir in most photo galleries and they have good reason to prefer this type of mounting for their displays. Maybe for others who might not have that big a budget, the hesitation to take on such an expense is quite understandable due to the uncertainty of some economic factors. But for those who have more of a modern décor theme, the acrylic effect can give such a boost to the interior designer’s repertoire. Again, there are more cost effective alternatives, but if you really want to showcase distinguished taste slanting towards subtle refinement, acrylic mounts provide the best bang for your buck and you won’t feel like you’re breaking the bank.


Imagine walking into a space where the walls literally speak for themselves. These can be filled with breathtaking landscapes or city scenes that have a life of its own. This can be appreciated whether the moment was captured during the day or at night. The light dancing off these one-of-a-kind pieces can leave the observer stunned, pensive, but deep down inside also wanting for more.
Due to the flexibility of acrylic prints bring to the table, these prints can be transformed into actual tables. Have your company logo proudly display that unique branding element for all your customers to appreciate. There’s also that playful whimsy and a shared sense of humor expressed when seemingly stuffy corporate images know how to have fun. What better way to share that joy then making these tables available for everyone to notice.
These gathering areas are the necessary meeting points for people to congregate. Especially when food and drink are part of the picture, the convenience of having that table handy will always be deeply appreciated. The argument might arise that the identity may get covered up and the logo may never be noticed. But, acrylic by its very make-up is meant to be noticed. And if presented in such a practical yet off-the-wall manner, the more people will remember and associate that company logo or branding element with that particular event.
Buffing out and really cleaning these acrylic pieces give that support for such works that will never lose its luster. The vibrancy and energy will always be there to pass on to their keen observers. With such durability, uniqueness, a wow factor appearance, the photos will continue to invoke conversations in its own way because of that acrylic effect.


Be assured that through the masterful handling of the professionals at Prolab Digital, the acrylic prints ordered and coursed through their doors will be quite stunning. From start to finish, the people at Prolab Digital will inform and guide you throughout the whole process. Because of such a hands-on approach, a good number of clients have become to feel more like family over so many years involving similar projects.
This Los Angeles-based team are always on standby to answer any and all of your queries. If you have any photographs that you are considering to have mounted in this manner, they are more than capable of addressing all concerns that may arise from your discussion. With the countless incomparable and valuable art works that they handle on a daily basis, they are quite experienced with handling any requirements or requests.

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