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The Oce Arizona 550 XT flatbed printer offers our clients greater flexibility and more printing options than ever before. The printer utilizes a vacuum system to hold media stationary on a flat surface, ensuring accurate registration even on multiple imaging passes. A white ink option enables under-printing for non-white media, and for over-printing for back-lit applications where a diffusion layer is needed. The white ink can also be used as a spot color to highlight white images or text for greater impact.

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Next generation technology makes the Oce Arizona our most cost effective printer. Our production capacity has increased through faster print speeds of up to 462 square feet per hour on rigid media or up to one hundred full-size (4’x8’) boards in an eight-hour shift. Our ability to handle large production volumes has been expanded dramatically with this flatbed printer. We can also print on non-square media, heavy substrates such as glass, or materials that have uneven surfaces like reclaimed wood or metal. Anything that is reasonably flat up to two inches thick can now be used as a printing medium, including non-traditional substrates such as window blinds and furniture panels. It is no longer necessary to print, cut and laminate materials onto irregularly shaped objects. With the Oce Arizona, bleed printing can be done directly onto virtually any precut shape.


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One of the biggest advantages that the Oce Arizona offers is the capability of producing printing for back-lit applications with an image quality that is superior to traditional photographic back-lit films, such as Duratrans transparencies. We print on both flexible and rigid materials, with superb image quality for back-lit viewing. As an added bonus, the same print can be viewed for front-lit situations, doubling the value of Oce backlit prints over Duratrans displays.

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We print on any number of flexible materials too including vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, scrim banner, paper, and blue backed paper. Customer applications can expand into applications such as parts templates for manufacturing, fabric, wallpaper, canvas, and even silk. With so many options now available with the Oce Arizona 550 XT flatbed printer, please get in touch to get started on your next printing project today.

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Please contact usto learn more about our UV Flatbed Board printing options. Or, if you're ready to get started, go ahead and place your order. We look forward to hearing from you!

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