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The art of watercolor is one of history’s most celebrated talents. From Monet to Rembrandt, and into today’s next generation of painting talent, watercolor is a testament to the gifts of humanity.

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At Prolab Digital, we are proud and honored to produce watercolor fine art prints for some of the country’s elite artistic talent. The pieces we print can be seen in galleries across America, and internationally, in exhibitions, and if you’ve ever ordered a special edition high quality archival paper print, there is a significant possibility that it came from us.

When an artist creates a watercolor piece on Giclee, it is a one of a kind. In order for the artist to reproduce their work and offer, or display it to their audience, they must reproduce their masterpiece in the most exemplary quality possible.

If you are a collector, or an artist, the ability to reproduce a piece of watercolor artwork is essential.

At Prolab Digital, our experts are highly skilled in the art of watercolor archival printing.

At Prolab Digital, we recommend watercolor fine art paper prints for reproductions of any watercolor Giclee canvas. This unique paper cools and feels more like the heavy, thick watercolor paper traditionally used by artists. However this paper has a secret weapon, it has been treated to accept inkjet print inks more efficiently and preserve the exceptional print quality of our world-class printers.

There are several paper surfaces available, from smooth, subtle textures, to rough, course finishes, all of which come with an archival lifetime that exceeds 100 years.

Watercolor is an art form popular with artists the world over. From burgeoning artists in Australia, to the leading painters in France, at one time or another in all of our lives, a watercolor has spoken to us, begging us to own a copy and proudly display it in our homes or offices.

Many artists reproduce their giclee work on special archival, watercolor paper and then embellish it with ink, paints, paper, or other elements to give it a 3-dimensional feel and place the work in a class between the one-off original, and a standard print. At Prolab Digital, we offer artists a variety of paper options, each possessing unique qualities that make it the best option for a range of embellishment types including ink, filigree, putty, and more.

When you bring a piece of art to the experts at Prolab Digital for reproduction, you will be working directly with a highly qualified and experienced member of our team who intimately understands the materials and machines we use. Your Prolab Digital printing expert will help you work step-by-step through the intricacies of each type of watercolor archival paper we offer, and the ways in which your art will be produced on each kind. Your dedicated team member will answer any questions you may have about watercolor and fine art reproduction printing, and ensure your satisfaction with the finished product.

Printing with Prolab Digital Imaging is more than simply reproducing a piece of art, it is an education in the intricacies of high-level fine art printing, and the formation of a lasting relationship between artists - you, the artist, and our team of print experts.

Our customers are closer than clients, they are family, and we at Prolab Digital treat each order with singular importance, respect, and appreciation. From the initial phone call or online order, to the ensured satisfaction with your finished product, we take utmost pride in the 26 years of experience we have that makes us one of the world’s leading printing destinations.

Call today to speak with a member of our Los Angeles-based team who has an extensive knowledge of the intricacies of fine art printing and watercolor reproduction. We welcome all inquiries and questions whether you are gathering knowledge about available ways to reproduce your art, or if you are ready to order the highest quality watercolor fine art print for display in a gallery.

ORDER NOW or call us, ur team is waiting to answer your questions and help you produce a timeless work of art on (+1) 310-846-4496


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