Having your own place where you get to hang your hat or to put up your feet is the ultimate dream in finally acquiring that comfortable pillow to lay down your head. This pad, crib, humble abode must reflect the present resident and that’s why there are unique home décor ideas that can purposefully do just that. But, what can be the best way for you to achieve such style without losing any substance? Hopefully, your home décor choices will be less pack rat, and more of that fab vibe.

Even if you are unable to tap into your inner interior designer skills, worry not. There really are no hard and fast rules, but here are some basic techniques that can guide you from appearing cluttered to achieving classy.

Don’t feel like the odd man out. In fact, it’s very in. Design theory suggests odd numbered groupings instead of even numbered arrangements. This seems to provide a more appealing look that’s quite memorable and leaves more of an effective impression. Objects like candle holders, vases, and the like can have varying textures, various shapes, and different heights. But, there must be a similar thread linking them into one group.

You can have vases made from ceramic but come in different sizes. Or perhaps candles in different colors are your thing. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these odd numbered groupings as long as they have some existing variations among them so that it doesn’t look too much like it was grabbed from a factory line. And yet, there should be some likeness shared among these objects. There must be a balance between sameness creatively differentiated through source materials or color palette. Best to go with what feels and looks right for you without going overboard.

Be the first thing everyone notices when you walk into a room. Perhaps the most obvious way to achieve this effect is by displaying a prized photograph or splashing a mural on the wall. The eyes of your guests are naturally drawn to these stunning art pieces.

Design cues should be ascertained by the scene presented. If it’s a peaceful waterways vista, then the room's color themes can be inspired by that. It may be a vibrant and mesmerizing technicolor swirl or a repeating pattern, so the hues for the furniture and other accessories must be anchored on that prominent focal point.

There should be enough room to breathe. This is where a tape measure comes in handy. When you’re about to rearrange your furniture or put up some paintings, there should be just enough space between these items. You don’t want it to look like they were all crowded together or make it seem like they drifted too far apart. Here are some measurement guidelines that most decorating professionals follow.

With coffee tables and sofas, a 15” or 18” distance should be appropriate. A 56” to 60” height from the floor should generally keep most art pieces displayed on walls at that targeted center and eye level area. If it’s placed above a sofa, it should be no more than 2/3 the width of the sofa. A separation of 5-9” should be maintained between the furniture and the art piece.

Curtains typically have that 1-3” overlap on either side of the window. Four inches from the top of this window is the suggested placement for the curtain rods. To make it look wider or taller, you can experiment going beyond 4”, but do not surpass 8” or else people will wonder why you have your own Broadway stage behind that curtain. Same goes for the illusion of width that you can try by going beyond the 1-3” overlap. But, try not to exceed 12” on either side.

As for your TV viewing distance, in a nutshell, the diagonal size of your TV multiplied by two should be adequate. For instance, if you happen to purchase a 32” monitor, position your viewing area about 64” away. One should never stay too close to the screen which a good number of wise parents still remind us up to now.

A big enough rug can contain all the legs of furniture placed on top of it, but at least 12-18” of floor space should be kept on all four sides of this mat. Smaller rugs obviously cannot accommodate any furniture legs, but it shouldn’t be too small that it becomes insignificant or unnoticed. Another design option can be that the rug just has the two front legs of furniture pieces placed on it, so more of that open feeling is created.

Deal with that negative space. Don’t feel that every nook and cranny needs to be filled up. Some empty voids are necessary to help you appreciate the full areas. Let’s not clutter up the table when only a few pieces will do just fine. Doing without in some areas highlight the places that do with. If your furniture is too angular and projects too many hard corners, perhaps a round table or a similarly shaped object can provide a softer disposition.

Know how to light up your life. Ambient lighting is the general, overhead fixtures that help to illuminate a room evenly. Task lighting focuses on specific area like a reading lamp or under-cabinet lights that are commonly found over kitchen counters. Accent lighting is meant more for paintings, sculptures or certain areas of interest.

Any room must start off with adequate ambient lighting. Task and accent lighting help provide those layers in order to showcase that ambiance and highlight, of course, a design perspective. Again, these guidelines are not set in stone, so feel free to switch on or off the lights that fit best for your desired taste level and mood setting.

In the end, the home décor you opt for should be a product of your personal experiences and your very own character. These suggestions are just there as a reference, but don’t let that prevent you from trying something different. Your hobbit hole is another aspect of your identity that should be shared and celebrated.


Treasured family photos, beautiful vacation pics, awesome ocean or mountain views are just some of those once-in-a-lifetime memories that need to be displayed in your home. Let’s check out these additional design ideas to pick up some inspiration for some possible prints.

Plump ripe red tomatoes, fresh white garlic cloves, colorful herbs and spices, when given the right treatment and properly mounted as enticing prints in your kitchen area, can organize a hunger games where the odds are always in everyone’s favor. Appetites seem to be triggered by visual stimuli and food deliciously presented can make stomachs growl. Cooking quotes, brightly colored fruit, steaming hot drinks in mugs or freshly made dishes are also welcome feasts for the eyes.

Bring the outdoors inside by placing stunning views printed for all to see and be astounded. The room will have that feeling of more spaciousness because you find yourself gazing at a wonderful mountaintop vista. Nature shots featuring tulip fields or blossoming gardens or unending hills of green pretty much can garner the same effect.

Cityscapes or architectural wonders can add that modern slant to your home office. Admirable works of art, innovative photos, or other eye catching pieces can break up the monotony of a business like venue. Inspiring words from renowned mentors or significant milestones highlighting particular achievements can add that “can do” attitude to your administrative duties.

Get the drab out of mundane bathrooms and hallways by strategically placing colorful prints. Make an interesting grid of a dock scene that gives a puzzle like feel to an otherwise boring space. Put up a long seaside panel print along the corridor so you’ll always feel like you’re just walking up and down the beach sans the heat.

Homes must always showcase the people and pets who live there. Print up some precious family pics on wood or other unique backgrounds so you don’t lose that homey feel. Get those action shots of pets enjoying their playtime up on the wall so that happy energy pervades throughout your residence. Your children’s handmade artworks can last longer by having these professionally scanned, transferred and printed. Whatever helps to make your house feel more like home through these unique prints, just go for it and don’t get caught up too much if you’re abiding by correct design philosophies. You should proudly present who you really are and there really is no right or wrong way to do that.


Trust the experts to bring you these customized home décor variants that can cater to your discriminating design needs. Prolab Digital has long been the preferred provider of interior designers, homeowners, and artists for these made-to-order pieces. They can help you develop an accent wall for a particular space, makeover your cooking area to inspire your inner master chef, or transform your child’s room into the passageways and sleeping quarters of a galactic spaceship. Whatever you can imagine, these LA professionals can help make that happen.

Their museum ready pieces continue to be featured in other galleries, boutique hotels, and high end restaurants. Their standard of quality remains top notch and they can offer a wide range of surfaces for your custom prints to be mounted on. Glossy aluminum, plexiglass, acrylics, as well as natural woods like bamboo and similar recycled materials are just some of the choices available. Their state-of-the-art equipment can adjust to any size or shape requirement.

You can create your own modern wallpaper or signature mural for a certain space to just stand out in your residence. Let the pictures of your loved ones get that billboard feel by having their images fill up an entire wall. The scenic photos that you want to share can also be presented with a modern twist or given that special Prolab Digital touch. Whether you want an all plexiglass doghouse or just that personalized art piece to emphasize your design leanings, this is the company that can get that done for you so that you can truly express who you are.


Nobody wants to get that inappropriate comment about living in a dump. No one wants to be featured as one of the country’s rabid hoarders who can’t seem to get rid of all the stuff they acquire in their lifetime. That’s why design shows are quite popular because they educate the public on how to organize themselves and to put more order especially in their sacred sanctuaries. No man or woman wants to proclaim that they really live in an actual cave.

By discovering the love of art and culture within you and the appreciation of finally being able to properly portray your living space, hopefully by actually following these designing tips, you can proudly show off the place you call home. What matters more is that you get to be you in the space that best speaks about you. And you have a means to do so with the people of Prolab Digital whose goal is to bring out what makes you, you.

So, don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch with them through their business contact number
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