Travel still maintains that allure and mystery of enticing visitors to strange lands and unknown places. After all, getting away from it all means that the wanderer is invited to encounter something totally foreign from the norm. If everything everywhere remains just the same old same old, why would people bother leaving their comfort zone to just be placed in another similar comfort zone? That’s why it’s good to seek the unfamiliar, to discover another culture, and to be enchanted by the many beautiful colors and interesting nationalities that this world is willing to showcase. Of course, weary travelers also would like to have that comfortable and safe place to sleep at night, so it was only natural for the hotel industry to develop. This has further evolved into cruise ships and destination resorts that also want to convey the enjoyment of travel to their clients. When a person travels, the accommodations also become part of that experience. That’s why if guests have immensely enjoyed their visit, chances are they would look forward to coming back. Getting that repeat business is always good business to help keep you in business.

A good way to ensure that your guests return is to enhance that customer engagement. It may be as simple as letting you clients feel how much you value them by really listening to them tell you what they need or letting them freely express their other concerns. Just that adjustment of focusing on what your guest wants does go a long way in the long run.

Your guests look forward to that deep connection because your place has in fact become their chosen home away from their actual home. In the same way that you would like that homey feel in your own abode, that feeling at ease setting must be given to those who choose to stay with you. The staff and how they engage with the guests now become critical to your operations and intrinsically contribute to more positive guest relations.

Empathizing and placing yourself in the position of your guests will help your staff be more proactive in their approach. When they are able to anticipate what the guests need and how to improve their hospitality experience, that already is an upgrade. For example, if you don’t want to kept waiting, the timely and more efficient delivery of food items and drinks does become more meaningful and deeply appreciated.

The standard is still that very personal and meaningful encounter with the clients, but a social media presence has also become part of the customer engagement strategies for a good number of boutique establishments. The online world has contributed greatly to making travel more affordable and accessible. By adding your personal touch to your virtual replies, that also starts off the overall travel experience for these potential tourists who are currently surfing online.

But, how do you and your employees develop that necessary emphatic connection with your customers? The logical course is to ask feedback from your clients through a written survey or through a very casual impromptu interview. With the data gathered, some benchmarks in what the customer is looking for can already be compiled. Hopefully, with your management team, this can become the basis in quantifying and qualifying what your visitors want when they arrive at your service establishment.

A lot of thought must be invested into being thoughtful of how your visitors engage with the environment around them. Are the instructions on your signs and menus adequate and simple enough for your guests to comprehend? It’s also good to become a little more detail oriented on how you set-up the dining area and the living quarters. Do they have water, enough bathroom supplies, or other personal effects that make it convenient for their stay?

If you feel that your guests have a certain ritual they follow or that they fall into a particular pattern of doing things, that could add more points to your service detail. Do your diners enter the eating area when the meals are hot and ready? When the guests get the sense that they can tell you everything and can share with you what they’re feeling, you’ve already won their loyalty somehow. Does a visitor feel very welcome and perceives himself or herself to be part of your hotel and restaurant family? Yes, it’s always great to be at a place where everybody knows your name.

Marketing campaigns also need to emphasize how much you value the support of your guests and how appreciative you are of them. Everyone likes to have that royal treatment, and if you can deliver that consistently, why would your guests want to go anywhere else? Make sure your messages and collaterals get that point across. Again, it may seem so minute, but it matters. By just taking the time and making the effort to write a short note of welcome to those staying with you, it really adds to that tangible connection which all service groups strive to achieve.

Perhaps, one of those fascinating ways of actively connecting with the psyche of the traveler is by introducing the culture of the locale through murals and decorative art pieces. When you go to Mexico, you hope to see more Aztec inspired drawings on the wall of the hotel that you’re billeted in. It would be so disappointing not to see any décor related to that country especially in such globally admired capitals like Paris, London, or Rome. There seems to be a growing trend for high end hotels to transform their lobbies into mini art galleries. It somehow attracts the target market for this kind of art because they are the ones who can afford these five star accommodations. And the guests now have a sense of the cultural landscape of the country they are visiting.

Art remains difficult to describe because the appreciation is dependent on the eye of the beholder. What could be hideous for one person might be a thing of beauty for another. If critics pan a certain piece because it looks like one big mass, other eyes might regard it as a revolutionary statement and completely unconventional. Whatever the case may be, art décor and other similar expressions break up the boring lines of an otherwise dreary hospitality area.

But, will the art matter for the contemporary traveler? Probably the convenient location and how the rooms are well kept still remain a determining factor. What’s seen on the walls may become an afterthought, or is it?

Maybe your guest gets so affected and enthralled by what she or he perceives. The art invites very thought-provoking query. In the end, it may really not be about choosing a place to stay because of what art is being displayed. Rather, the experience gets even more enhanced by the unusual décor or the very creative piece that the guest was very fortunate enough to take in.

There’s something quite fascinating about having the opportunity to have art accessible to the rooms where you can take a rest. Some travelers may not have the chance to visit a museum or attend a cultural event due to their hectic schedule. Without the need to shell out some extra cash, the art is just there for the guest to view at his or her availability. The paying more part would kick in if a purchase were to be finalized while on the said trip.

For the hotel, aside from the actual investment into the art, what could be the benefits of doing so? Other managers would prefer constructing a pool or designing a spa area. The makeover improvements in the rooms and in the taste of the food can bring in more profitable results. But, art demands attention and commands observers to be drawn in to what is being creatively expressed. This visual delight brings on an experience that a mere renovation job cannot deliver.

Specialty residences have recruited art concierges to guide their guests on what the hotel has in its collection. Events that focus on photography, water color, acrylics, and other mediums can be organized and in a sense, uplift the cultural face of the venue. These structures already house the privileged set so it’s just a natural recourse to expose them to the local expressionisms that are tastefully done. A certain following can be multiplied because of the growing interest into what the art and culture of a particular destination has to offer.


Since art can become that defining factor in how your guests perceive your service oriented business, you need the support of professionals to really make that art come alive. Other printing outfits may not give you the same discriminating quality as Prolab Digital. You can put your mind at ease knowing that they can provide you with the best product in bringing out that wow factor for your particular hospitality area.

It would be so sad if your guests start frowning when they enter your reception area because the space looks so dark and uninviting. Who wants to be welcomed to an area that emits a dingy aura or a very drab vibe? More importantly, the tourist wants to gain more new and exciting experiences instead of accumulating bad and inconvenient service. The very important point here is that the impression your welcoming area portrays to your guests can either make or break their overall experience of staying with you.

As a leading supplier for murals, artisan wallpaper, and other decorative art, they are the in-demand group for a plethora of hotels, cruise ships, and resorts around North America. Quality is never compromised during their production process especially if a huge quantity is required. Controls are in place to look after individual pieces while moving towards a fast turnaround result. They also are known for providing unique and interesting materials that would otherwise be hard to find especially for lesser known outfits.

Their durable installations are fit to be displayed even in the most prestigious of national museums. The hallway of your hotel or restaurant gets that much-needed impact, and the all-important lobby finally has the statement deserving of its premium facilities and services. Hi fidelity photographs and artworks that can be printed on unconventional materials is the forte of Prolab Digital. Reclaimed materials, acrylics, bamboo, aluminum, are just some of the progressive surfaces that are part and parcel of their repertoire. This can definitely set you apart from your other competitors who just use ordinary motifs.

They are also capable of providing a building wrap or producing a photographic wall mural that can either be installed indoors or outdoors. Notable hotels and hospitals around the world have made incredible use of this bold statement pieces. For a subtler approach, a fashion forward wallpaper design can also be manufactured for your specific brand to enhance the image of your logo throughout your establishment.

Get on your phone and call them right now at +1 (310) 846 4496 and find out for yourself what magnificent designs can be wonderfully incorporated into your hospitality areas. The ultimate goal is to give your guests a very memorable experience. By letting them get a taste of the culture and crafts within your vicinity, that already is an added bonus for their adventurous trip. Don’t underestimate the effect of a very eye-catching visual piece. There’s a very high probability that a photo at your venue will become one of their most treasured memories of their trip to your area.

Those who travel, long to see something that they’ve never seen before. If you can provide that for them when they enter and walk towards your reception desk, they just need to take in the murals, unique wallpapers, and overall visual dance that’s before them. That can already bring a knowing smile to their lips. You’ve helped add some more wonder and awe to a place that they’re visiting and most probably, would like to visit again. ■

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