Perhaps ever since man accidentally threw some raw meat into the fire, the resulting culinary creation was a taste not soon to be forgotten. Even during the height of the Roman Empire, there have been discoveries of recipes listing down certain measurements of choice ingredients. Those who went about their business in the city still had to stop and refuel themselves somehow. In our ever changing and even busier world, it’s good to sit down to a nice meal that someone prepared for you. And if you like what you tasted, the proper remuneration is well worth the gastronomic delight.

With the growing popularity of cooking shows and the proliferation of celebrity chefs, the business of food is, pun intended, hotter than ever. Bloggers who specialize in this industry dutifully snap a picture of what’s served before them so that the feast for the eyes preludes the sensory fulfillment that hopefully, ends up with the smacking of the lips. Competition is quite fierce in grabbing diners for their dollars, but it’s not just about the food anymore. It’s really about the totality of the dining ambiance and where the fresh ingredients are sourced. In a sense, restaurants must attract all of the senses without necessarily overwhelming them. But, let’s first take a quick look on how our restaurants came to be.

As knights and merchants during feudal times travelled across the land, these trips were bound to make anyone hungry. So, paying for a meal was quite acceptable during those days. They could stop by an inn on the road or purchase from vendors on the street, or even check out what was available at the local public market. Of course, options then were very limited as to what was readily available or in season. It really depended on what the cook’s special was for that particular day.

It had to take the French as part of their fight for liberty, equality and fraternity to level up such crude dining experiences to what we’re familiar with today. The chef had his own place where people can enter when they felt like eating and order from a set menu. If not for the French Revolution, this would not have been doable because their guild system restricted artisans from creating their own signature dishes. For example, a simple meat pie required a meat cook and a pastry cook to make this happen. If the person wasn’t skilled in both areas, then the meat pie would never get baked because of certain regulations pre-revolution. The term for the restorative broth served at these establishments coined what we commonly know now as the restaurant.

Americans used this French template as an inspiration for their own savory fares. The ultimate dining experience was almost always in the French tradition. But, local ingredients like oysters from the Northeast, came into their own. Because of the continuous influx of immigrants, they also brought with them their unique food and culture to these shores. So, it’s no surprise that dining at a Greek, Italian, or Chinese restaurant for that evening was an available choice. These cuisines also had to adapt to the American palette. For the latter part of the twentieth century, being the great innovators that they are, fast food chains and family dining franchises naturally followed. This was America’s contribution to the consolidation and industrialization of restaurant and food services.

You can literally taste the whole world by just clicking your mouse and conveniently order your meal online in our present digital reality. But, nothing beats a proper table setting and the company of good friends to make your breakfast, lunch, or dinner a more memorable dining experience. With the wide range of opportunities to try an upscale artisan establishment or a simple street café or the many franchises that are out there, people need to eat and they’re looking to eat well. Restaurants are definitely here to stay because we all got to eat.


Aside from the food which is always the main draw for your customers, there are also some other factors to consider in enticing your clients to return and to keep on coming back or at least spread the word with their friends. The ambiance plays a big role in whether your visitors want to stay or can’t wait to leave. So, considering the right type of décor can be very critical.

There’s that total dining experience that customers expect when they go to a new place. The service must be impeccable and the food must be sensational. Given the perfect setting like an indoor garden or a safari feel, the diners might find themselves staying a little longer. When you’re enjoying the food and the atmosphere, what’s the rush?

Aside from your clients’ taste buds, they want to have that whole sensory happening when they initially encounter your establishment. Your piped in music can really set the tone. If you’re after the high end crowd, classical and easy listening tunes may make them enjoy the food more. Fast food places usually play dance music so that the customers can eat faster and encourage a higher turnaround rate. The colors on the wall must match the creative genius of the chef. Reds, yellows, and oranges seem to be popular because it mimics the color of the human stomach. Messy tables, loosely strewn chairs, and overall chaos are a definite turnoff. If that situation persists, the next visit will be from the health inspector who just might shut your place down.

As a feast for the eyes on your walls, having delectable photographs that are offered on the menu or serene scenes of mountain ranges or seaside peacefulness may just increase the appetite of your clients. When the people are enjoying the vibe, they just might order more and continuously patronize your establishment.

When people get a that incredible taste of your specialties, they’ll always want to come back. Having the perfect ambiance to match that is key to making these loyal patrons feel right at home. Aside from the food blogging community, nothing beats the glowing recommendation of friends and neighbors. The locals have a knack of finding the best places to eat and if you’re on that list, you’ll be serving up your culinary creations for many years to come.

Restaurants need that ambience advantage to amplify the food offerings they have. That’s why the walls need to be decorated smartly and not feel too cluttered. The food must remain the star of the show, but the stage area must be properly prepared. Feel free to seek advice from professionals like the Prolab Digital group who know what designs can aptly suit your dining area. When you find the right combination of a sumptuous meal exquisitely enjoyed in a hassle-free setting, then you’re well on your way to be a must try outfit.

More than ever nowadays, conscientious diners are more aware of what they consume. They want the healthiest fare possible so that they get optimal nutrition into their systems. This mindfulness makes them more conscious about their surroundings and that in some way, allows them to be more careful about what they put into their mouths. The entire body becomes attuned to what’s good for it and what’s not.

The research conducted the last few years that looks more in depth into these healthy eating habits means that there is a slow-down of sorts, more chewing so that fewer calories are ingested and weight loss gets maximized. The environment of dining establishment needs to support such health options and a cleaner way of living.

A more serene ambiance like a fine dining set-up supports this movement. One experiment at a local restaurant had a particular room sound proofed, the lights were dimmed, and jazz was the background music. To add more style and substance, candles were lit and fine linen table cloths were laid out. Waiters politely asked the diners if they would like to order more as part of the exercise. When this was compared to other settings with bright lights, loud sounds, and blaring colors, the ones who were fortunate to have a more civilized setting seemed to have consumed 175 less calories.

Even if like foods were served in the control and experimental scenarios, the ones who felt more at ease were likely to eat less. It seems that the louder the music, the more one ate. While the opposite effect decreased intake for those under soft lights and sounds. The ambiance encouraged them to stay longer, but that didn’t mean that they ate more, in fact, they ate less.

Other studies have shown that when people eat quickly because of the fast pace of music, the mind doesn’t have time to process that the person has gotten full. In a more laid back and relaxed milieu, the brain savors the food more and relishes each bite. Thus the feeling of fullness sets in at the proper time. That kind of ambiance provides a healthier alternative of sorts.

A nice quaint atmosphere may make the patrons eat less but they’ll feel more satisfied. They’re not gulping down their chow like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, given the right visual cues, it adds to their whole dining adventure. A good place with good food and the right ambiance will always be the most preferred venue.

Mindful eating thus allows you to fully enjoy each and every bite. The meal is totally enjoyed given the most supportive of environments. When you are truly present to each bite, each unique taste and combination of flavors, that just adds to the overall satisfaction of every delectable morsel.

If you allow yourself to have beautiful pictures hanging in your usual eating place, put on some calm tunes, notice how much more satisfying it is to munch on your sandwich. It doesn’t have to be any place fancy for you to enjoy a decent meal. Actually, you’ll always feel like you’re eating well and eating right with this very conducive ambiance.


Why look elsewhere when it comes to visual treats than the group that’s has more than 20 years of experience under its belt? If you have sumptuous burgers, mouthwatering slices of pizza, sweet ice cream, or other delectable items posted on your walls that can make your stomach begin to growl, you’ve come to right place with Prolab Digital.

Your interior design will get that much welcomed makeover that it deserves. If you’re after the best ambiance, let Prolab Digital work its magic into just granting you the best look possible. A good number of Southern Californian establishments and many others from all over the globe have entrusted themselves to their supreme high quality services.

Art pieces, classy wallpapers, awesome murals may just be that needed touch to make your customers have that wow factor to complement your food. If you can imagine it, Prolab can most probably print it out for you. They have the capability to print on aluminum, bamboo, acrylics, and other reclaimed materials as your potential surface. That custom touch for selected pictures will surely add more spice and everything nice to your dining place.

Why stop on the insides? There are building wrap options available to really make your restaurant the talk of the town. Inquire about window clings and special graphics work for certain season specials. That ambiance you create will just make it more inviting for people to come back for more. There are also gallery-ready variants and building size murals on standby as other possible design aesthetic choices.

Call Prolab Digital at +1 (310) 846 4496 right this very moment. Ambiance adds to your overall dining experience so you shouldn’t delay in developing the ambiance that appropriately suits you. When families and friends go out to eat, they’re looking for that extra oomph and pizzazz so that it’s well worth the expense. Amaze them with what you’re creating in your kitchen and add to that anticipation with masterfully crafted interior design ideas. After all, everyone likes to remember the best thing they ate and they would also like to complement that with the décor of the place where they enjoyed their repast. ■

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