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Ever since the automobile was invented for men and women got to experience for themselves the freedom of sitting behind a wheel to take them wherever they wanted to go, this love affair with mobility and discovering the open road has continued to persist. Great distances seem to be manageable and the convenience of getting from here to there just consistently amaze and awe those of us living in this modern era. Though not everyone may be able to fortunately become a car owner, taking the bus, or other public utility vehicles that provide that ease of transfer further mesmerizes the general public on just how these innovations provide an answer to our evolving transport issues. We are able to arrive at our destinations because we can drive ourselves or be driven to different places within a reasonable period of time.
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Of course, there are the concessions given in order to enjoy such conveyances. We have the literal cloud of air pollution hovering over our heads due to the fossil fuels consumed by the exigencies of commerce and familial responsibilities. And, since we all have these appointments to keep and so many things to do, our road networks unfortunately fail to hurdle and even surpass the ever increasing demand. Traffic has become a sad reality and relying on means and “waze” around it remains the bane of existence for a majority of commuters and drivers alike.

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But, in the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, advertisers and marketers have been quick to make use of these transports so that their message reaches the most eyeballs. If kids get cajoled into a game of looking at license plates, maybe the older passengers might be able to pick up subtle hints in what they see on these moving advertisements. There’s the existing car brand and make that we admire from afar. Why not pick up some additional messages as well? Thus, graphics on these moving billboards became the logical result.

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The precursors for this type of advertising were most probably horse-drawn carriages and wagons in the mid 1800’s which had hand-painted signboards on their sides. Family crests were incorporated into the design in order to display ownership. These original road warriors depended on these signs to effectively market their wares and inform potential buyers about what they had in stock. Perhaps, this literally became a “sign” of things to come.

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When the railway lines intersected the country and helped connect both the East and West coasts, placing early graphics on these iron horses was an opportunity not to be missed. Brand names took advantage of prominently displaying their corporate identity on this coast to coast express. If you wanted to be noticed by the American public during this time, this was the way to do it. Before they used the term “logos,” these antique graphics were referred to as “heralds.”

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Today, these rail cars preserve this tradition through the goods they transport cross country with the company logos emblazoned on these mobile containers. As gas fed motors became more commonplace, regular advertising evolved into showing national colors, or proudly announcing a favorite sports team, to even promoting personal advocacies.

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BF Goodrich by accident, discovered the chemical compound plasticized polyvinyl chloride in 1926 that provided the sticker decal base for these designs. While working as a researcher for this company, Waldo Lonsbury Semon has been credited with this invention. Because of such an exciting development, this type of vinyl was subsequently patented that paved the way for new products, increased factory production and generated employment opportunities throughout the United States.


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For the longest time, the time-consuming and inconsistent hand-painting or stencils production methods were the most used for creating these signs. Because of its financial capacity, the United States Air Force became one of the first institutions to implement this technology. There was a significant cost to acquire these vinyl decals for their aircraft. Towards the 1980’s, vinyl production costs dropped quite a bit including as the die-cutting process, so that it could become more accessible to the mass market.

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By 1993, because an edict by the German government required all their taxi cabs to be colored beige, they had to find means and ways to comply without breaking the bank. What could help even the playing field so to speak when the present cabs came in various colors? Vinyl wraps became the desired solution because it cost less than getting the whole car repainted. Owners discovered to their surprise that when the wrapping was removed later on, the original paint looked as good as new. This benefitted them in terms of resale value. The success speaks for itself because other countries like the United Kingdom soon adapted these vinyl wraps for their own use.

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During that same year in 1993, the Silicon Valley based company Supergraphics, Inc., which specialized in digital imaging, worked with potential corporate sponsors and 3M to initially wrap an entire bus for a proposed advertising campaign. Through the innovation of this early computer-generated vinyl bus wrap, the options opened up for numerous corporations to jump in on this bandwagon of sorts. Outdoor advertising was gifted with this new medium to spread its wings and find more exciting communication possibilities.

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Thankfully, due to technological developments, man hours and labor have been radically reduced to achieve similar results at a much more affordable cost. This industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only are big corporations able to wrap vehicles for their own advertising needs, ordinary drivers can now envelop their rides into the works of art that they’ve always wanted.


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Advertising effectively is all about making the best first impression possible. With this option of wrapping an entire vehicle, once that car rolls off the lot, it’s just meant to stand out and be noticed from the get go. Those businesses involved in sales, services, and completing deliveries have benefitted very much from applying these informative decals to their units.

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Having your advertising vehicle not blend in with the usual models on our thoroughfares, already makes a statement. White vans may be part of the usual setting, but put on a dazzling vehicle wrap and just watch other drivers and pedestrians turn their heads just trying to get a glimpse on such a unique design. They can’t help but let those plying the streets with them to just notice they’re passing by.
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If there are a good number of vehicles sent out, that can multiply the effect of the message being disseminated. Just imagine how many people want to take a picture or have their picture taken with such a pimped up ride. The social media effect can be quite mind-boggling and staggering. And that’s just the result that businesses want.


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The wrapped car is just there calling out to be noticed. It doesn’t suddenly interrupt like your typical radio ads and normal television commercials. Cars are part of the scenery and if they are able to show what they’re selling, that’s so much the better for the business owner. That can help increase the customer base without using such a “hard-sell” approach.

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For businesses based in a certain location, their transports wrapped with their contact information and other pertinent data makes them more prevalent to the local community. Residents will look forward to have that crazy neon yellow or florescent green car drive by because it just breaks the monotony of the day. This exposure becomes more welcoming instead of intentionally being shunned. Those who are within that locale will also see the convenience of dealing with such business that engage in this type of advertising.


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The usual billboards and posters are confined to one area and remain quite static by nature. The monthly expense continues and it’s just stuck there in one location. Vehicles wrapped in an attractive advertising design go where they are sent. Adjustments to what’s being said can be made while budgeted within a very reasonable rate. The impact and good will from that advertisement can definitely last for years based on the initial investment.

As an added bonus, these vehicles wrapped in vinyl are given an extra layer of protection. That can go a long way in avoiding unintentional small dents and scratches caused by road debris. Professionals are more than capable of removing the wraps without causing any severe damage to the original paint. If there is an intent by the vehicle owner to resell the unit, this can support the intended value for the sale.

Getting noticed through this eye-catching medium can only mean more business for entrepreneurs who engage in this strategic track. Who doesn’t like their message and important information shared in quite a buzz-friendly manner? By the way, deliveries can be made as these trucks and cars go about their designated routes. There’s a win-win situation happening for everyone.


This LA firm knows the best wrap for your personal or business needs. From the smallest compact models to the largest haulers, no job is too small or too big for Prolab Digital to handle. They can wrap with confidence because they have more than twenty years in the digital printing industry to back them up.

There’s no limit to where your message can be broadcasted from. There’s no potential surface that cannot be wrapped because of their renowned expertise. Choose a wall or a ceiling, place it on a moving or static vehicle, that display is sure to come in loud and clear to all onlookers.

Given the great return of investment with these vehicle wraps, you don’t need to look anywhere else to effectively get your message across to your target market. Imagine your present and future service units doing all the talking for you. And these images are guaranteed to last and guide those potential customers to your door.

The leading adhesive vinyl producers in the industry like Avery and 3 have properly certified Prolab Digital in the application of these vehicle wraps. With a shelf life of up to five years, the durable wraps, depending on the material used, can also easily adjust, update, and swap designs as needed.

Accurate measurements of the intended vehicle need to be compiled and coordinated so that the printing of the adhesive vinyl comes out as intended. This supports the intricately finished outcome of the final look for this special vehicle wrap. For those living within Los Angeles boundaries, our crew can pay you a visit in order to take down these measurements. Arrangements can also be made for you to visit our facilities and headquarters near LAX, so that these measurements may be noted at our base of operations.

These printing services and graphics installation can be tailor fit for buses, the respective banners used, transport shuttles, different car makes and brands. Limos, RV’s, SUV’s, and other vans are welcome canvasses. Trucks that have a box or come as a pick-up or have a trailer can also have vehicle wraps custom fit for these specific types. Truck sides and Fleets can also take advantage of this exciting advertising medium. The sky’s the limit with this impact-filled option.


With all the noise out there trying to grab your attention, wouldn’t it be worth your while to have your advertising rise above everyone else? Imagine a beautifully crafted graphic highlighting your business and see it lovingly wrapped around a superb vehicle. You’re just continuing the tradition of those travelling salesmen who courageously and steadfastly hawked their wares to the people who needed their products. Vehicle wraps do just that for you with more flair and style.

Get on the phone and call (+1) 310-846-4496 right now. Let those creative juices flow and be ready to really wrap and roll with all that Prolab Digital has to offer. This will be such an awesome opportunity to really experience how vehicle wraps can transport you and your business to achieving even greater success in a fun and memorable way. ■

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