Perhaps, a common experience for those who travel on the open road is the noticeable proliferation of outdoor advertising materials. These can come in the form of the usual huge billboards to unique air-filled materials. But the goal remains the same in letting the driving and walking public know that a certain product is available for everyone to support.

The ancient Egyptians were probably the first ones to employ this method of mass information dissemination. Their ruling government used appropriate images carved into stones which indicated the laws and regulations of the land. Such carvings into stones could be hypothesized to be the precursor to outdoor advertising.

Lithography, an invention in the late 1790’s, could assume to be the catalyst of modern day outdoor advertising. This time saving device could mass produce and meet the printing requirements of businesses for their posters which was their main announcement device. Unfortunately, the material consistency of these prints could not withstand the onslaught of mother nature and would soon succumb to the elements especially over a prolonged period of time.

Circuses benefitted greatly from this mass marketing method which in a sense institutionalized how billboard advertising is appreciated today. Maybe the earliest example of this form could be traced back to 1835. Before lithography came on line, billboard copies were also limited to small scale production and were not as effective in getting the word out.

By the mid-1860’s outdoor advertising companies began to sprout up. After a few years, the International Billboards Poster Association of North America (IBPANA) was organized in 1872. This association has evolved into the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA). Aside from traditional outdoor billboards, the association has learned to adapt to all of the changes experienced within the industry and many other kinds of outdoor advertising signs and mediums have thusly been recognized as well.

Literally, a banner period for billboard marketing was established in the 1900’s. Due the accessibility and popularity driven (pun intended) by the Model-T’s conceptualized by Henry Ford, many consumers were discovering the lure of traveling the highways and byways of this country. With that many more eyes on the road, more companies were taking advantage of this booming growth to let themselves be known, too.

As cars improved, so have the innovators behind the appeal of outdoor advertising. They had to adapt more to the growing sophistication of their audience even in such a regulated marketplace. Billboards have increased in size, new materials have been implemented, there have also been technological upgrades through the improvement of mechanical components and the rise of more intriguing digital billboards. Even lighting had to improve as well compared to earlier versions for older billboards. Companies have also wanted their ads to be highly visible at night so these innovations were very much necessary. To help reduce costs, the introduction of solar panels and outdoor LED screens have also been considered to further benefit advertisers when it comes to operating costs.

Other advertising fads have come and gone, but billboards look like they’re here for the long haul. They have that enduring quality that people have expected them to always be part of their traveling landscape. It would be so odd to drive around not seeing these outdoor advertising signs strategically displayed to entice and inspire their respective target markets.

Even with developments in radio, television and internet advertising, outdoor advertising still manages to hold its own. A sign placed on the road 24/7 remains such an effective tool and it’s no surprise that it has endured for so long. A good idea never goes out of style.

Outdoor advertising will continue to be those attractions we expect to see during our long drives. They continue to invent and innovate themselves so that their message sticks well in the minds of those who see their boards. We’ll always look forward to seeing what’s new out there when the road again calls to us.


Outdoor advertising is so much more than just your usual billboard that you glance on the highway on your way to your next destination. Most malls and shopping centers incorporate this format into their strategic marketing budget. Phone booths, taxi cabs, public benches, trains, buses and other transit lines have also been utilized as advertising vehicles.

This Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising justifiably tries to communicate with those who find themselves not currently in their own homes. Those people who are on the move and are actively mobile have become the target audience for this particular medium. Here are some valid reasons why outdoor advertising should be considered as an important part of your marketing efforts.

Just from their basic description, these ads are most likely to be found outside. As part of the outside environment, these vinyl banners cannot be switched off like their radio and television counterparts. That ongoing advantage constantly barrages onlookers with its message and hopefully that stickiness effect of what’s being communicated sets in.

Due to its size and situation, almost all of the time these types of banners do stand alone and are meant to stand out. Viewers can appreciate what they’re seeing up close or even from a further distance. Given the right treatment and the maximum visual impact, more attention can be garnered from this form of advertising more than any other means.

The return of investment (ROI) on this type of advertising is quite encouraging. When you get noticed, consumers have a tendency to buy what you’re selling. Other studies from outdoor media associations have concurred that the higher the budget allocated for these vinyl banners, the more likely the ROI will reflect that intended investment.

The mass market is bound to get wind of what you’re doing. Companies looking to increase their market share are quite likely to get it with this specialized channel. You may be inviting customers that you wouldn’t have been able to by just considering and pushing through with this project. Millennials, busy corporate executives, and those belonging to a lower income bracket may not have been informed if not for the impactful banner that you put up.

When the attention of potential shoppers gets shifted to the huge banners outside your retail outlet, they are more than likely considering to support your business. The first order is getting them to notice what you have and hopefully, their feet will lead them right to your front door. This sometimes is referred to as a Path-to-Purchase. It can become a major influence for shoppers who are considering to enter such establishments without feeling too intimidated or discouraged from doing so. They become the welcome distractions where people gain a certain connection or affinity. The consumer is drawn to what he or she is seeing and given the ideal circumstance, may just act upon that purchase intent.

With outdoor advertising working hand in hand with your other marketing activations and collaterals, you’ve already differentiated yourself from other competitors. The message and its impact can linger on even long after the campaign has ceased.

There’s such a creative and fresh perspective that outdoor advertising brings to the table and becomes and integral contributor to brand building. It’s best to pick a company who can deliver on providing you with the quality and clarity for your marketing concerns.


If you’re in an area where the foot traffic is quite high, vinyl banners most likely would be your best cost effective option in getting noticed. Sporting competitions, music events, sold out concerts, car care specials, sales announcements are just examples on where these banners can be used to great effect. Surprisingly, it’s quite an economical and worthwhile investment to having these banners as part of your marketing placement.

For other special occasions like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and other milestone recognitions, photographs can also be used for these made-to-order banners. It creates quite an impact and appropriately marks the importance of such a gathering. Whether for business or personal needs, the ROI for these types of banners is very much well worth it.

The Epson GS6000 solvent inkjet printer, the HP latex inkjet printer, and the Scitex XLJet Grand Format printer are just some of the advanced equipment Prolab Digital has on hand. Whether indoors or outdoors, the 13oz. vinyl material has been found quite resilient in these environments. A 16 feet wide by 150 feet long continuous piece can be masterfully produced by the Scitex XLJet printer in one continuous piece. The Miller 54-foot Weldmaster can arrange your banner into manageable tile pieces especially if it’s meant to cover a large area. Trust only these professionals for the proper installation of your advertising collaterals.

There are various options available to suit the customer’s particular needs. Outdoor displays require a more durable large format while indoor requirements can be made using high resolution full color images. If exposed to variable wind conditions, a mesh banner material can address this certain issue. All the inks have been tested to last up to five years and have proven to be waterproof and fade resistant. BIOflex should be the material of choice especially with those who have strong environmental leanings. When placed in a landfill, this easily breaks down into harmless powder and no toxic gases are emitted.

These outdoor advertising banners can give that support you seek in making people more aware about your business. Leasing out an apartment, conducting a one-time warehouse sale, or just wanting everyone to check out your special event, vinyl banners have been the proven method to get the message across to your market. It doesn’t have to put that big of a dent into your marketing budget to do so.


Everyone literally looks for a sign. In an unobtrusive manner, this medium has been the go to method for inviting clients to see what you’re doing. The bigger you can make your sign, that perhaps increases the chances of more people taking the initiative to get to know you better. Think of it as an open invitation for everyone to check out what you have and what you can offer. Once they notice your sign, then half the battle is won. It’s just a matter of time and opportunity for customers to pay a visit to your establishment. But, it really all begins with a sign categorically describing, who, what, and where you are.

To help get the right sign for you, it’s always a good thing to go with the most experienced in the industry. With more than 20 years of skill in producing these specific type of outdoor advertising materials, you can feel more at ease that you will get the sign that best suits what you want to communicate. It should be legible and noteworthy enough to invite more people to see what you’re all about. After all, if no one knows what business you have or where you’re located, then don’t be caught off guard that less people seem to be knocking on your door.

So, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with Prolab Digital straight away through their number +1 (310) 846 4496. The outdoor advertising placement that can invite more clients to make inquiries is well within reach. With their high quality vinyl banners, you can be assured that your sign will stay up and remain readable for quite a long time.

When everybody’s looking for that sign to help them with their concern, the sign that they hopefully see will be yours. If you’re intending to buy into this tried and tested method of advertising, be more at peace that the Prolab Digital team is right there to guide you in getting that sign to jumpstart your marketing sorties. There are so many signs out there, so be with the company that helps you to stand out and that eventually leads to increasing your profit margin as well. ■

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