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There are natural barriers like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia that provide protection for the living species that thrive within it and help temper the tides that are on a direct collision course with the coastline. There are also the man-made ones that have divided countries with that purpose of safety and demarcation. It’s meant to keep things in place until the proper time when it’ll be okay to allow access once again.

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“Barricade” comes from the French term barrique meaning barrel, this connotes structures or objects that make up a barrier or an obstacle so that the flow of traffic is redirected. For military purposes, this can mean any improvised field fortification that can provide cover for the troops especially in urban warfare scenarios. Cities also install temporary traffic barricades so that vehicles can avoid hazards or it can help improve travel time for commuters. The stripes on these panels must slope in the downward direction to where traffic must ensue. Pedestrians are also requested to follow these barricades when parades or special events are in progress on the main thoroughfare. In these uneasy era of terrorism, security checkpoints are there as preventive barricades to look after the welfare of the general public.
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Ever since there has been divisiveness between ideologies in polite society, the putting up of these walls also made it blatantly clear which lines shouldn’t be crossed. In the world-renowned Broadway Hit that composed a musical rendition of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, the barricades provide one of the most memorable and powerful backdrops. Young men were trying to stand firm to their beliefs only to lose their lives when the French government was constrained to preserve peace and order in the streets.

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Musicians in the 80’s also tried to express that uncertainty when lines were drawn across lands to set apart indiscriminately even ties between families and friends. Leaders then were distraught in their own fear, forced to hunker down and keep their nations intact. But, the price of this separation from others might have been too great. More than national agendas, the power of love was the only means to bring about a more lasting peace. This song from Spandau Ballet tried to summarize just that important concept.


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Through the Barricades by Spandau Ballet

Mother doesn't know where love has gone
She says it must be youth
That keeps us feeling strong
See it in her face, that's turned to ice
And when she smiles she shows
The lines of sacrifice
And now I know what they're saying
When the sun begins to fade
And we made our love on wasteland
And through the barricades
Father made my history
He fought for what he thought
Would set us somehow free
He taught me what to say in school
I learned off by heart
But now that's torn in two
And now I know what they're saying
In the music of the parade
We made our love on wasteland
And through the barricades
Born on different sides of life
We feel the same
And feel all of this strife
So come to me when I'm asleep
We'll cross the line
And dance upon the street
And now I know what they're saying
When the drums begin to fade
We made our love on wasteland
And through the barricades
Oh, turn around and I'll be there
There's a scar through my heart
But I'll bare it again
I thought we were the human race
But we were just another border-line-case
And the stars reach down and tell us That there's always one escape
I don't know where love has gone
And in this trouble land
Desperation keep us strong
Fridays child is full of soul
With nothing left to lose
There's everything to go
And now I know what they're are saying
It's a terrible beauty we've made
So we make our love on wasteland
And through the barricades
Now I know what they are saying
As hearts go to their graves
We made our love on wasteland
And through the barricades.


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Even if barricades still have that history of preventing outsiders to enter, that fence or wall still continues to make a statement to this day. Those who view these barriers are inclined to follow and not force their way in. But once, the walls come down, that may lead to the discovery and renewal of ties for loved ones and other acquaintances that were once divided.

Business and retail establishments have these barricades in place to let their customers know where they are and what they’re selling. Maybe the most exciting aspect of their barrier is the opportunity to broadcast a message on their boundary structures. If entry is not yet allowed due to ongoing construction work, that’ll be an ingenious opportunity to announce what’s coming up next.

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Those barricades, in a sense, now become a new battle cry of sorts. With that available advertising space, entrepreneurs have on hand endless possibilities in getting their message out there right in front of their future store. Their product facsimiles can be previewed by the barricade signage that they conceptualize. Foodies will begin salivating as they eagerly anticipate the opening of their favorite pretzel kiosk, donut place, or any venue that’s sure to become part of their dining delight. Brand names can proudly emblazon their logo on these mall fences as a subtle announcement to their loyal fans. Just creating that buzz or allowing your customers to engage with your corporate identity is already an added bonus.

What once could have been taken for granted and left as an empty white wall covering the front door to a particular store, is now transformed into its own personal billboard. Barricades are meant to stand for something, so by creating that captivating graphic design and installing these amazing Signages, in some way that’s actually what they’ve been realized to do.


These graphics on barricades have become part of the marketing effort for the much awaited opening of a retail space. The ordinary raw construction plywood that would usually cover up renovation work or other refurbishments transforms itself into essential branding support. The anticipation for the formal ribbon cutting of a new branch, the promise of an innovative shopping experience, or the expected announcement of so many great things to come are what the barricade signage can purposefully deliver to those who pass near its vicinity.

With the vinyl mesh banners of Prolab Digital, that plain looking chain link fence suddenly evolves into an advertising opportunity. Air is able to flow through freely with this mesh material while maintaining the integrity of the graphics print. Plywood barricades only need the standard stapling of this vinyl banner material to the wood. Vinyl adhesives are also some viable options because once the print is applied, these can easily be stuck on the barricade’s surface. Through this company’s Scitex XL Jet Grand Format printer, size doesn’t become an issue because various banners are feasible that can span 16 feet wide by 150 feet long.

The Los Angeles commercial scene promotes Prolab Digital as its premium supplier for these unforgettable barricade graphics, construction Signages, and the necessary transitional fence coverings. Other groups might offer bargain basement rates but the reassurance of getting the best output with them might be a pipe dream. With each printing project, Prolab Digital guarantees and stands by the barricade signage that they create. World renowned brands have come to rely and trust the work of this firm because of its incomparable attention to detail. Trained staff are always on the ready to professionally install these large format prints. Wherever your business is located in the United States, this company has that established network of professionals to help you straight away.


Like the young radicals trapped on the barricades in Les Mis, they felt flat-footed and off guard because no one rallied to their cause. Perhaps the Parisians of that period were not informed about the revolution which had already begun. One reason for this apparent failure can be traced to the lack of proper information dissemination. They needed more advertising so that the masses could become more aware of the correct time to hear the people sing, singing the songs of angry men.

So, for those battling it out in the retail arena with loads of competition about to overwhelm their target markets, it will take more than just an ordinary song and dance number to rally the people to your cause. More than ever, you need to differentiate your brand from all the others. For the grand opening of your shop, it’s timely to make some noise and let everyone out there know that you’ve arrived. You’re coming out and it’s about time to get the party started!

But with any worthwhile celebration, it’s good to prepare for that big day. It’ll take a while for things to fall into place, but it’s a great opportunity to build up some buzz for your brand. Considering an investment into an eye-catching barricade signage will definitely be a prime contributor to increasing your bottom line.

In order for the people to hear what’s being sung, they need to know what to sing about. Isn’t such a thrill when you inadvertently hear that loyal mall goers are looking forward to what’s coming up at your space? The usual, “Did you see that sign announcing the arrival of our favorite cheesecake place?” or “Hey, check out that big poster around the corner telling us that our sportswear brand is coming here soon,” are the comments you want to hear. And the people should keep singing that.

Your brand becomes more recognizable because of that huge signage trumpeting your arrival. In the days of yore, heralds were hired for specifically that purpose. That crafty barricade signage is telling everybody that you’ll be around in the very near future. If someone’s wearing your corporate identity, they’ll get excited to share about that store’s imminent opening. Friends and neighbors always like to exchange good news. What better way to create interest than by being part of people’s everyday conversation? It’s as easy as someone enthusing, “I heard that exclusive fashion apparel boutique will be here. Just saw their sign in that area.”

Those who’ve been out of the loop for a while and haven’t heard about your quality products will now get to know you through your sign. Blow up a donut or project that intricately designed handbag on that wall. With a strategically placed company logo, you’ll peek your audience’s interest and they’ll start searching on line for the different offerings you are about to display.

By getting your message out there so that you become more familiar to consumers, and you get to attract new customers, your loyal following can now be tapped as another amplified networking community. Post your awesome barricade signage on all of your social media accounts and just set the tweeting world abuzz with what’s new. I’m sure you have those fans who can’t help but take selfies by your access panel expressing how much they’re looking forward to opening day. As we become more connected to one another in the digital universe, these beautifully designed advertising pieces literally end up selling themselves.


Don’t hesitate and consider how much you’re getting back with a barricade signage professionally delivered by the men and women at Prolab Digital. If ever you’re looking for a support group to get your business revolution off the ground, they’re the ones for you. Take on that battle in the retail arena with gusto and confidence.

Pick up your phone and call +1 (310) 846 4496 now to take a closer look into this worthwhile project. It’s about time everyone knows just what song you’re planning to sing and everyone will be cheering you on because of it. Be enthralled with what an excellently made barricade signage can do for you and your company. ■

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