When you travel down the highways and broad boulevards of this great country, you can’t help but notice the number of structures being erected. These impressive skyscrapers and various construction projects keep the cityscape dynamic and ever-changing. Perhaps, what strikes most observers is that what once wasn’t there, all of a sudden appears out of nowhere. The face of the city has evolved once again.

The Carlyle Building shock top super


It would only be a matter of time for ingenious marketers to use these impressive manmade megaliths as another opportunity to communicate their specific brand message. And that image has to be huge, astounding, mind-boggling because of the sheer magnitude of where it was going to be placed. Statements of this nature weren’t meant to be subtle. If you failed to notice what was strategically plastered on the widespread façade of the building, then the message failed to get its’ point across to the target audience.

Mall arc Mesh Vinyl Banner

These gigantic banners and building wraps in some way provide alternative security measures and ensure the proper protection for vacant locales. Restoration costs may be mitigated through partnerships with sponsors in exchange for advertising rights to help fund any major renovation works that need to be accomplished.

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The one thing that building wraps are capable of doing is hiding these unsightly vacant properties so that it prevents from making the neighborhood look too rundown or neglected. Any retail repairs or ongoing construction are subtly hidden with these wraps so it builds up some excitement for what’s coming up. Very helpful in attracting future clientele and you inadvertently build some anticipation for the store’s scheduled opening.


Carlyle Parking

The practical measure for building wraps is that it also provides protection for pedestrians because it encloses the scaffolding and the active work area. Due to the nature of the wrap material, light can permeate through so the workers can still go about their business without fear of being left too much in the dark.

Vinyl Building

As a salute to virtual reality of sorts, the artist’s rendition of how the building will look like can also be placed on these building wraps. This also gives an idea to those passing by as to how the finished product may look like once all the necessary repairs and adjustments have been satisfactorily completed.

Billboard graphics

Companies like Prolab Digital who are experienced with these types of massive projects become the ideal link to get this printing job up where it’s supposed to be. They can guide you through each step in the design process, how it can be printed, and eventually installed for all the world to take notice. Since this will generate a lot of publicity because of its very noticeable placement, if the company can guide you in certain local government codes and what the city authorities will allow, that would be a definite plus. Their operational knowledge and exemplary safety record can also be some determining factors in choosing the right company for the job.


loft bean

A job done right will have that positive and desired effect for where this building wrap shows itself. The social media buzz created by so many eyeballs that are drawn to take in this enormous message can also be considered as continuing feedback giving the campaign in effect “more legs.” What you hope to communicate finds another medium on the web through such consumer driven actions and comments.

New developments benefit greatly from this advertising option. Premium residential condominiums, word-class sporting facilities, exciting retail trends, definitive business addresses, and other related industries that want to be noticed, do get noticed, because this building wrap’s goal is to do just that.


What kind of messages would benefit from such an advertising spot? More than your ordinary stint, and definitely more impactful than just a regular stunt, there’s just so much to work with, so what type of communication objective will match with such a powerful scale?

Because it exudes such breadth and depth, the persona placed on such a building must command that respect and authority. The more popular icons come from the world of sports where basketball gods seem to defy gravity through their athletic prowess. Blown up images of them dunking a ball or portraying that intense competitive glare may just improve the bottom line of major sportswear brands. Boxers, Olympians, and other admired sports personalities become bigger than the specialties they play. Perhaps, that’s why they can be emblazoned on a building wrap and no one will have the gall to question why.

Politicians and actors also hope to be bigger than life. Allowing these egos to get such a boost may hurt or harm the products they endorse. But the instant recognition and the connection to a particular brand presented in such an overwhelming format leaves quite an impression. Big budget blockbusters hope to generate that much publicity to put more patrons into movie theater seats. That’s why this venue blends well with what they’re aiming for, which is that the summer’s biggest hit needs to have quite a big splash on the side of a building. For those seeking public support through electoral votes, the results may become as divided as the supporters and detractors that may or may not be for them. But, if you want to be talked about . . . more, let the building wrap speak for you with no lulls in between for as long as the campaign season lasts.

If your heart can take it, declare your love and devotion through a building wrap. It may cost more than the actual wedding ceremony, but everyone’s going to remember such a grand gesture. The time to go big or go home has never been this critical. But, don’t feel pressured to break the bank just to proclaim this message of love. Though, if you can afford it, why not?

Major events also need to take advantage of such an impact. The World Cup might be coming to town soon or who knows, it might even be the summer or even the winter Olympics. Don’t discount the championship rounds of basketball, baseball, football, hockey, tennis, and various other competitions. Maybe, the Pope is scheduled to visit in the near future or other global figures will be gracing us with their presence. Yes, these historical events need to be recognized as such by using building wraps.

Let’s not forget our real estate developers who want to let everyone know about their latest contribution in the realm of residential developments. A new mall might soon be constructed in the surrounding vicinity. It could even be a theme park or a one-of-a-kind attraction that people shouldn’t miss. If it’s something big, and everyone should get wind of it, then the building wrap supports that big impression. Product launches and must have items also can use such mileage for their strategic marketing support.

Concerts, one night only shows, musical festivals and other significant cultural activities also want to come on strong for their fans and supporters. These collaborative events featuring fan favorites need that statement displayed on a building so that it also wouldn’t be missed. “Come one, come all” gets amplified exponentially when building wraps and super graphics are part of your marketing arsenal.


With such a daunting task in figuring out how to install such an eye-catching placement on the premier side of a landmark structure, you need a team with that experience and background to complete the job for you. It’s almost adding another layer to an already completed development. That pretty much requires real professionals to make sure it’s done correctly.

Given its years of experience in the printing industry, Prolab Digital has positioned itself as an organization that can tackle the demands of producing world recognized building wraps and super graphics. From the simplest one story storage houses to skyscrapers that seem to literally reach up to the heavens, this company with a capacity for such large format printing requirements can cover any building presented to them. With such an impact-filled option, advertisers and promoters will definitely get that ongoing buzz that they want to sustain for their grand events. Materials used for these images can be printed on vinyl, durable mesh, and cloth depending on the requirement. UV inks specially sourced for this process are guaranteed to last for up to five years, can maintain their color vibrancy and remain resistant to fading even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Armed with their Scitex XL Jet Grand Format printers, wraps measuring 16 feet wide by 150 feet long can be readily produced. Panels can be heat welded together through their 54’ Miller Weld Master so that a larger piece can be manufactured. Their portfolio includes placing on a New York City high-rise a formidable banner with a width of 80 feet and a length of 175 feet which was included in the marketing plan for a movie outfit.

Vinyl mesh can help reduce the effect of strong winds especially if these large banners are placed on a particular side of a building. The mesh sizes available to counteract these wind issues come in three different variants:

1) a 9 oz. mesh with a 60/40 ratio of material-to-hole surface area
2) a 7 oz. light mesh with a 55/45 ratio
3) a 10 oz. premium mesh with a 70/30 ratio

With more than twenty years under its belt, the outdoor advertising settings conducted by marketing groups, Fortune 100 companies, renown movie studios around Hollywood have all been entrusted to Prolab Digital. They stand by their work and they are more than capable of producing at competitive rates compared to what other companies may offer. If the best in the business only choose to work with the best, then be reassured of what Prolab Digital can do to make you that awesome printing installation.

They have a staff of experts on call that ensures and secures these challenging projects. Wherever you are in the United States, they have that exclusive network of professionals to get that big job done in the right way at the right time.


There’ll be a considerable investment needed in producing such large scale images especially if it’s meant to be seen by a vast majority of people when they glance towards that targeted building. But the expense will be well worth it because of the sheer magnitude of such an effort. You will be sharing the aura of magnificent monuments like the Statue of Liberty, the Presidents at Mount Rushmore, and other similarly extra fantastic edifices. If you’re out to make a statement, then this is definitely the way to do it.

But that’s the beauty of participating in such an exercise filled with extravaganza. Such “made to be noticed and not to be overlooked” ads become their own landmarks. Those big signs soon become reference points for those traversing the neighborhood. A building wrap and a super graphic was not built for a low-key existence, because it was always meant to live large.

By contacting Prolab Digital through their number
+1 (310) 846 4496, start this journey on getting into something really big. Imagine your brand getting the attention it deserves and it’s bound to be a giant in whatever location it may be found. Corporations always need to make that bold statement and producing such building wraps and super graphics can get that message across effectively without the hindrances of any subtlety. Trust your instincts to make your building wraps speak without any apprehension. Watch your profits grow and be the talk of the town because everyone can literally see you now. Be part of this phenomenon to really get noticed and to rise above all the noise where smaller campaigns unfortunately get lost. Size does matter when it comes to becoming part of the bigger picture. That in a sense literally speaks for itself and will most assuredly be heard, and more importantly, be seen. ■

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