We have only one home in this whole universe and that’s what makes our planet all the more special and indeed, quite fragile. As much as possible, we should exert every effort to preserve our environment and prevent any further pollutants from affecting our vulnerable atmosphere. That’s why a good number of businesses and even individuals have taken it upon themselves to “go green.” It can begin as simply as cleaning up your area and disposing your waste properly. When we learn to take better care of our precious resources, that means the future generations to come after us can also enjoy and hopefully maintain all the beauty and grandeur that Mother Nature has graciously bestowed upon us.

For businesses opting for an environmentally conscious slant, there are some helpful suggestions to keep them on track. By installing tanks that collect rain water or choosing solar power to manage their hot water systems, these improvements go a long way to increasing their overall sustainability. Even in the procurement of equipment, there are recycled plastic variants that become possible office supplies. Furniture can innovatively be repurposed and manufactured from recycled rubber aside from other materials.

If meetings and conferences can be scheduled online, that slashes budgets for travel costs and reduces the risk of releasing possible pollutants into the air we all breathe. These different changes add up and are bound to eventually make a difference. Most probably in some way, these pro-environment efforts might lead to additional savings for the company. That’s good for the bottom line and our lungs in the long run.

Just by making some adjustments to your office paper use, these recycling schemes can directly influence and decrease expenses. Try not to keep wasting paper, by using and unintentionally printing documents filled with errors that are needlessly thrown away. Designate a scratch paper drawer or bin where the staff can still use the clean side of these used sheets. Photocopiers have also jumped on the environmental bandwagon by offering duplex printing. This means that both sides of the paper can be used for your photocopying needs. As for what happens to the scrap left from the paper shredder, these can be sent to a commercial recycling facility. Or the office workers can take these home for their compost or mulch heaps. Just give back to nature what has so generously been given to you.

By going green, these preferred practices can attract new customers. Your initiatives define what you value and if your clients share in those same sentiments, then they definitely wouldn’t mind at all supporting your business. Every company should strive to practice good environmental management. What you do in your capacity as a business entity and even on a personal level does have a positive and hopefully not a negative effect on the world we live in. It would be best to maximize the utilization of resources without unnecessarily wasting them. With climate change being the prevailing issue and disaster preparedness as a safety concern, your decisions in how to deal with these action items can determine the longevity of your enterprise. Your people will truly appreciate your efforts to keep our earth as clean and green as it can be.

More than ever, our society is making the conscientious decision to be eco-friendly or environmentally friendly. There is that willingness to change for the better so that everyone benefits. The usual practice of switching the lights off or taking out the trash are all well and good. But, the main intent places sustainability and preservation at the forefront.

The alternative is far too depressing and might inadvertently spell our doom. If we choose to ignore how our adverse behavior can negatively affect our present surroundings, then consider ourselves to be at a loss. Forget about enjoying the cool refreshing waters of a natural stream or breathing in the view of an impressive mountain range or even taking in the wonders of our forests. If we fail in our responsibility to look after these gifts, then that definitely would be such a waste.

Positive change should begin now by considering products that have minimal effect on current ecosystems. What adjustments can be made to lessen our carbon footprint? These paradigm shifts should be actively disseminated and shared to everyone. The start may come from a personal capacity, but the end game should move towards a more global inclusivity.

Consumers must realize and embrace the power they yield in making those critical eco-friendly choices. It’s consciously going for a hybrid vehicle that doesn’t pollute as much as the regular gas guzzlers on the road. It’s taking advantage of natural light so that electricity bills become more manageable. It’s also supporting products that can degrade over time causing little or no stress to the status quo. And if more of the market buys into this way of thinking, the environment wins and we all can reap the good will and benefits.

Everyone can actively participate by following the environmental mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Do we really need all that we have or can we live with less? With what we do have, through our combined creative minds, maybe we can find other uses for them because we believe in the process of upcycling. And if there are recyclable materials like aluminum cans, plastic, paper, glass, then these should be forwarded to the nearest recycling facility, so it can be transformed into something that can be used again.

Water conservation should be top priority. These should be complemented with how we effectively manage our power consumption as well. Trees should continuously be replanted so that fresh oxygen gets replenished and everyone can breathe a little easier.

There should be the strict monitoring and proper disposal of hazardous or toxic waste. Should this seep into our local water sources, what would people be able to drink? If we all need to join watchdog organizations to do just that, then we should do so. If you don’t mind drinking filth, then you don’t have to worry or even bother because that’s what’s going to happen if we don’t keep an eye out for unscrupulous polluters.

Getting around should also be eco-friendly in a sense that we should walk or bike more instead of using vehicles that contribute to air pollution. Better to take public transportation or join a carpool so that it maximizes transport efficiency and somehow minimizes our carbon footprint. Our bodies will be more grateful for the extra exercise and our lungs will take in fresher air.

Purchasing more energy efficient products also contributes in a positive manner. Light bulbs that consume less energy but last longer help save the planet. Little things really add up like buying produce that are sourced locally lessen the transportation expense compare to having it imported from a farther farm. This results in lessening the need for packaging as well.

Maybe we can even be more disciplined in picking up after ourselves. The saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness probably means that we’re taking better care of the Creator’s creations. We are being more responsible stewards of this land.

Endorsing recycled products also support the business that manufacture these items. Let’s reward these earth-caring corporate citizens by promoting their goods. Actively bringing a reusable bag on your grocery trips prevents more plastic from ending up in landfills. For more information, it would be good to get in touch with various environmental groups. They have the knowhow to help us all be eco-friendlier in how we conduct ourselves.

A simpler mindset may be the calling for those who deeply care for the earth. There may be some necessary sacrifices like foregoing some modern conveniences or some luxuries, but the ultimate payoff is a cleaner, greener world. How many fast food items do we need to consume or is that SUV really the most efficient in terms of mileage? There’s a balancing act between doing the right thing for our children’s future and just being totally selfish by just grabbing everything in sight.

Eco-friendly businesses really need that ongoing support. They’re the ones who are quite aware of the consequences of their actions. That’s why they only have those products that help more instead of harm the present environment. If their customers multiply, then the good work they do in preserving the natural order of how our earth functions inevitably follows.


When clients opt for products that don’t pollute, they’ve already demonstrated how much more conscientious they are compared to their competitors. They are already options readily available like green poster printing that gives consumers the choice in being more pro-earth. This type of printing was innovated in order to minimize damage to our present ecosystems. If everyone who lived in this world was made more aware, then the destruction to our environment would cease and hopefully be eradicated forever. With eco-friendly printing, you not only get to save money, but you also get to do your part in taking better care of this place that we all call home.

By being eco-friendly, that entails making use of the most advanced environmental technologies to the printing process, the ink used, and the paper where the final output is placed. This printing technology has evolved into waterless printing, the application of non-VOC ink, and implementing FSC paper which translates into better care for the resources at hand and thus leads to less stress on our planet’s limited resources.

Prolab Digital has been leading the way in eco-friendly printing by incorporating BIOFLEX into the manufacture of their vinyl banner products. Under favorable weather conditions, this revolutionary material has been found to be non-toxic and can last for quite a number of years in either an outdoor or indoor setting. BIOflex has been found to be RHOS compliant and there are no traces of heavy metals, pesticides, bleaching agents, DOP or similar plasticizers, glycol either or carcinogenic coloring agents in this substance. The opacity is provided by the inclusion of fine particle limestone and the flexibility is derived from plasticizers of organic origin. The content of BIOflex is 80% acquired from other sources that are not from the usual petroleum strain. Landfills are known to have microbes that feed on the BIOflex PVC and effectively breaks it down. Add to this natural decomposition is the landfill’s heat, pressure and very little moisture. ASTM D5526 can attest to this effect.


With the environmentally sensitive staff of Prolab Digital, whatever your vinyl banner needs may be, they are more than capable of getting it done. For your upcoming event or sustainable marketing campaign, look into how eco-friendly printing choices with biodegradable properties can build your business without causing undue harm to the planet.

There’s no need to worry what happens to your banners when your activation protocols have expired, these banners that are available in any size and at negotiable quantities will also gently return to the earth. So, the proper disposal of these collaterals will always be accomplished in a responsible manner. Supporting your business needs doesn’t have to be at the expense of affecting the natural order of things.

As Southern California’s most preferred choice in providing outdoor advertisements in all shapes and sizes, their environmental technologies also share positive points with your target market. Don’t be swayed by other companies that may offer a low price, but you cannot be sure if their products have been found to be safer and cleaner. Brands from all over the world continue to trust in the quality and unparalleled craftsmanship of Prolab Digital. Wherever your business may be located in United States, they have a reliable network of professionals who are on call for the accurate and reliable installation of the products that you have made with them.

Be one with the environment and contact them through +1 (310) 846 4496 to find out more about eco-friendly printing. ■

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