If you are looking to make standee and point-of-purchase displays that require complicated cutting, Prolab Digital has the solution. Our computer-controlled Zund die cutting machine can cut simple to complicated shapes in materials up to .5" thick like foamcore, ryno board, gatorfoam, corrugated cardboard, lexan, sintra, styrene, and ultraboard. We can produce cutouts in quantities from one to several thousand. The Zund die cutter can also cut out shapes from thin materials such as paper, window cling, Duratrans, adhesive vinyl, and decals. The cutting is done directly from an electronic file, and our optical registration system will automatically adjust for material stretch and skew, with accuracy within .005. Materials can be cut up to 48" x 96" in size, and multiple panels can be tiled together to make very large shapes.

The Zund die cutter allows us to give cleaner, more precise cuts that would have be impossible to achieve using traditional cutting technologies. Setup fees are a fraction of traditional steel rule tooling, and cut files can be modified at any time. Need to add a hole or change a radius? No problem, we can just modify the cut file. With state-of-the-art Zund die cutting technology, you are free to think outside the box and exercise your creativity.

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