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Ever since man discovered the rhythm of life, feet begin to move, arms start to sway, and the body can’t help but follow. There’s something so ethereal and raw when movement of mind and spirit celebrate our everyday journeys. Maybe more so, among the cultures of ancient peoples, dance has been a means of expressing these different phases of growth that every human being undergoes. The emotion in motion that one can perform or in synchronization with a partner expresses something pure and beautiful that finds its’ source within a soul and spirit intertwined.

Dance Floor Decals

This begs us to ask why are people drawn to dancing. Even if this art form has been in existence since our first baby steps, what leads people from just walking to moving with a beat? Obviously, here are several reality shows and talent searches that continue to support this admiration for dancers and their craft. Movies have also portrayed the competitive side of dance sport.

So, what exactly inspires others to waltz, boogie, tango, or just freestyle? Even those who are physically challenged or seem hindered by their wheelchairs can graciously break down misconceptions with how they move. And they can give the most professional choreographers a run for their money. No matter your age group or physical ability or inability, as long as you let the music move through you, yes, you can dance.

Even if we don’t know the steps too well, dancing in itself is meant to be fun. We can just find ourselves naturally swaying to a nice salsa sound or we can grab our partners and attempt to find our inner Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers. What matters is the sheer enjoyment of going through the motions. This form of exercise seems to bring about a lot of smiles. We’re meant to swoon and follow where the music is meant to take us. And we’re going to have fun.

Because of its innate social aspect, dancing can introduce you to a whole new network of fellow enthusiasts. Communities have been involved in dance gatherings for more than a millennium, so meeting people is part of the natural course of things. Small talk would of course be exchanged but the main focus would be on how you’re both shuffling on the dance floor.

Just the fact that you’re not nailed to one place and you’re choosing to move your body induces loads of health benefits. You’re trying to figure out your moves and you’re making the effort to do so, in some sense gives you a nice physical and mental workout. Orthopedics will appreciate how you’re strengthening your bones just by moving here and there to the tune of Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.” The onset of arthritis is prevented by the lubricating action given to your joints. Weight bearing bones, the tibia, fibula, and femur get some strengthening action with the side to side movement plus there’s a slowdown in the loss of bone mass. Balance gets improved the more you participate in dancing and in your senior years, you tend to have less incidents of falling.

You must remember your steps so that your mind keeps up with your feet and overall body movements. The onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented with this challenging combination of mind and body trying to be well-coordinated. For a sure way to bounce back from an injury, dancing’s got your back or wherever your injury may be located. Jogging or other high-intensity workouts might prove to be a bit too much for your joints. Take it easy and gently dance your blues and whatever’s hurting you away.

Your heart will also be more thankful that you’ve decided to exercise more, especially in such a fun manner. The rate of exertion is entirely up to you. Because you have the option to go all out and be footloose and fancy free or you can hold back a bit and be very subtle and guarded with your personal movements. These regular dance sessions can lower blood pressure, slow down your heart rate, and improve your cholesterol profile. Besides, every thirty minutes of dancing can burn between to 200 to 400 calories. That can be equivalent to some brisk walking or riding a bike.

There’s a trending fitness regimen that recommends at least taking 10,000 steps a day to maintain good health. For line dancers or square dancers, a typical session with them can accumulate about 9,000 to 10,000 steps.

Learning the skill of dancing helps to build confidence. Instructors will guide you in having the correct posture and how to guide your partner by properly giving or receiving support. This can only increase your self-esteem and boost your self-belief because now you’ve got some moves to share. So, everybody better give way and allow you to have some space.

Because of the inevitable movements, dancing is an all-natural stress buster. Endorphin levels are increased and an overall sense of well-being can be felt by anyone who takes to the dance floor. Moods are lifted and if you could have danced all night, why not, if it’s really good for you.

Maybe not everyone is into dancing and that’s okay. There’s no need to give in to social pressures and expectations. But, it would be to your advantage, if you knew the box step of the waltz or how to cha-cha somewhat. There’ll be weddings, corporate events, work functions, even the usual clubbing that calls for you get into the groove. Just pulling off a few swing moves quickly lands you in the good graces of your lady friends or make your guy friends look at you in a different way, in a very good way.

There are more than enough reasons to get into dancing. It could have been a scene from a movie where a girl gets gracefully lifted up by her male counterpart, or singing in the rain is your thing. If there’s a chance to find out how you move to the beat with someone, that’s a welcome discovery. The act of dancing is meant to make everyone feel good and you should just totally lose yourself in that dance.


Like anything worth having, it’s best to prepare well for any eventuality. Difficult to invite guests over for a dance-a-thon, but it would even be more of a chore if you forget to prepare music, book a venue, and inquire about the availability of some catering services. Wouldn’t it be great to mark the main activity area with some jaw dropping dance floor decals? But, all these things need some advanced coordination or else the party’s bound to fall flat even before the first song gets played.

To make a successful dance party happen depends largely on the diversity of those invited, the social dynamics of the group and hopefully, everyone’s game to just let it all hang out. It would be such a bummer if those who arrive just decide to be wallflowers and park themselves by the punch bowl all evening. Some groups invite dance instructors so that they can get the party started. It would also be a good idea to check if your potential guests have that penchant for dancing in the first place. As soon as a Jennifer Lopez hit gets blasted on the speakers, will everyone suddenly jump to their feet and party like they’ve never partied before? Or will their tastes lean more towards the eclectic and they need to hear some big band classics, probably they have a penchant for some disco throwback happenings. You’ve got to embody a good sense of what can get your audience to head for the dance floor. Professional DJs seem to have a knack for this. Go through a playlist of dance music and see how it makes you feel. When you find yourself tapping your feet or allowing the music to take over your entire body, that’s probably a good go to song.

The goal is to have everyone out on the dance floor. Even if some people are on their way to the refreshments bar, they better be busting a move while they’re at it. As much as possible, no one should be sitting down and everyone should be out raising their hands in the air like they just don’t care. Perhaps a nice dance floor decal saying, “Let’s dance!” can have that effect. Doesn’t hurt to try.

Another leveraging incentive might be identifying the dancers in the group. Once they show off what they’ve got, maybe everyone else will join in. Get some inside info on what kind of music these dance leaders are into. But in general, everyone should enjoy the music selection for that affair.

Try not to book a venue that might overwhelm the number of people expected. In other words, if it’s an intimate dance gathering and not a rave, a warehouse might be a bit of an overkill. Besides, big spaces tend to subconsciously divide groups into mini cliques. Smaller dance areas support active interaction and dynamic socialization. One person usually occupies about five square feet with arms spread out. Based on your projected crowd, estimate about two to three square feet per person to create that ideal dancing environment.

If there are more young ones arriving, how the dance party starts can become quite critical. The ideal set-up would be everyone getting in on time and heading straight to the dance floor. But, in reality, that almost never happens. With that in mind, what’s a very creative way to get people to start moving? Most formal events have a program flow of sorts. The usual presentations and obligatory speeches should be concluded. Then, when everyone’s fed and they need to digest what they’ve eaten, dim the lights to signal a dance coming on. Such visual cues, accompanied by some cool music will probably move things along. Private functions that focus only on dancing do not need this much hoopla. When it comes to dancing, the sooner it starts, the better everyone will feel that it’s time to shake it.


To heighten the enjoyment of the dance, why not consider getting a dance floor decal that can specially mark the evening’s festivities. It’s right there in front for everyone to see. Imagine an eye-catching photograph or a cleverly designed dance image, or whatever you want to place on the dance floor to help bring out the party goer in your guests, it can be done. And Prolab Digital has that experience to get it done.

Any customized dance floor graphic can be printed out to bring up the party atmosphere wherever these panels are meant to be installed. Using an adhesive vinyl that’s more than capable of covering the largest dance floor, get ready to wow your guests with the creative touch you just happen to place for everyone to see and enjoy. It won’t just be about the actual dancing, but what they’re actually dancing on that will be what everyone won’t be able to stop talking about. Any theme, any color scheme, any image possible can be printed and purposefully repeated in a strategic area all over the dance floor.

Various television programs have featured the work of Prolab Digital like the Wedding Planner Show, plus other movie sets. Popular at weddings, Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs, dance recitals, corporate events, trade shows, theatrical productions and many others, these dance floor decals are meant to make quite a subtle yet strong statement.

These floor graphics are designed to adhere securely on any wood or vinyl dance floor until it’s time for it to be removed. For the safety of your guests, a durable non-slip over laminate is applied to the dance surface. Once the event has transpired, the vinyl adhesive can be easily removed without using any harmful chemicals or solvents. The floor will be just as you left it. This application is only meant to last just for the night. Whether you’re after reinforcing your brand identity or you want to focus on the theme for that special occasion, anything and everything is possible. Your imagination is the only limitation.


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