Throughout your professional journey or whatever career, you may find yourself engaged in, there is a need to settle everything that goes on in one’s very busy life. For homemakers, it may be the kitchen table, for those in the construction realm, the workbench is their sweet spot, but for a good number of us, it’s good to have a desk that just takes it all in. Sure, in today’s digital age and with the continuing developments in mobile technology, you can download your files from the cloud or have your OFTD, office for the day, wherever you may please. But, just like the sanctuary of your own home, there’s nothing like having that sacred space to place everything in order, to find balance in the frenetic pace that modern living demands. Thus, the great need to have your very own desk.


But, it’s important to remember that workflow gets affected by the elements found occupying your workstation. Keeping it minimalist and clutter-free seems to be the preferred set-up. Yet, there are others who find comfort when papers are piled up haphazardly on their tables. Some studies have noticed that those with good habits are more likely to have tidier rooms while creative souls tend to find their inspiration with their clutter. No matter your preference, getting some organization going can probably help get more things done. Yes, let’s not dilly-dally trying to search for a missing document or locating a stapler or (heaven, help us) not being able to find a pen that actually writes.

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If you were to imagine your desk set-up like that of a cockpit where the pilot needs to know where all the proper controls are in order to fly correctly, if everything is where it should be, then you’re in a good place. If not, then prepare for a crash landing.

So, in order to get to where you’re going, make sure that the things you need are available and are easy to grab at a moment’s notice. These common items are probably a notebook and pen, charging cables for your devices, a favorite mug for coffee or a trusty water bottle, and a cleaning cloth to keep everything neat and tidy.

Unnecessary things should be stored in drawers or their designated cabinets and shelves. Scissors, Post-It notes should be accessible in your desk drawer while other paper files that are not regularly retrieved could be stored in a filing cabinet or box. Photo paper for your printer or other items that really don’t get that much action can be placed elsewhere, since it’s not part of your usual consumables.

Personal effects can bring on sentimental emotions, but if it distracts you from finishing your assignments for the day then best to keep these family photos, action figures, travel souvenirs and the like to a minimum. The recommended count is only 3 at the most. These unique touches might also divert your colleagues’ attention and keep them from getting their own tasks done. What you think is something you use quite often, something that is necessary to accomplishing your job, and sure, gives you some joy can stay on your desk. Aside from that, keep it out of sight.

There are some creative ways to give the illusion that your desk area only consists of a computer monitor and very little else. That’s because supplies can be hidden under the desk or behind the monitor. An external hard drive can be placed in a nearby secret enclave of your cubicle. Brackets can mount a router and scoot it away to a hidden nook. A power strip can be placed under your table while cable ties and other helpful accessories can make it seem like the wires were never there at all.

Less is more seems to be a prevailing theme when it comes to keeping your desk neat. This “clean desk” policy is pursued by most managers in order to optimize productivity and obviously keep things in place. A paperless route has grown in popularity because it can somehow reduce actual hard copies from occupying real estate on a workstation.

For employees, maintaining an effective filing system does save time. It would also be good to do likewise for your computer files. For example, in a certain folder, label it with the project title and the date when the project commenced. Once the project has been terminated, declutter your physical and virtual files by throwing this in the bin located next to your desk or the virtual trash bin on your computer. Maybe designate an “Old Projects” folder to quietly store these items so that it prepares you to take in the new or pending transactions. Here’s something very important, if you’re going to keep all your files on your hard drive, make sure to schedule a regular back-up of these files.

Once you’ve mastered how to keep your desk as pristine as possible by the end of your shift, then you’re more than ready to face whatever tomorrow may bring. There may be some things that you have to tackle the next day, but just by going through the motions of wiping down your desk and putting your materials back in their proper place really psyches you up for whatever comes.

What you may take for granted can in some way aid your work force in getting the most of their time at the office. Just doing a few tweaks here and there can help brighten up your space and bring in more life and light to what might be considered another drab and dull corporate environment.

Investing in the right kind of ergonomics can do wonders for the posture and positivity of your staff. Take into consideration that if everyone started complaining about incessant back pain, how can anything get done? Even just minute adjustments to your computer monitor or the height of your desk chair can help each person find their unique comfortable arrangement. The thighs should be parallel to the floor so that your upper arms will naturally fall into an ideal perpendicular position. Wrists should remain straight and always keep essentials within reach so muscle strain can be avoided. The comfort of your crew means more comfort brought about by the peace of mind gained by you.

Angela Wright, a world-renown color psychologist, has done numerous studies on how certain colors affect the behavior of humans. The color and mood of your work space does have a critical effect on productivity. The Color Affects System which she developed proposes that even if each of us has a favorite color, there is a universal effect on how color can influence regardless of a singled out preference.

Her theory observed that the mind is stimulated by blue, creativity gains inspiration from yellow, the body is affected by red, and calming balance can be derived from green. Color selection doesn’t end there. The intensity and saturation of the chosen color also have their effect. Soothing peacefulness comes from muted and softer tones, stimulation can be rendered by bright and intensely saturated hues.

Present office policies might prohibit a complete makeover for your wall palette. Go for some accents instead where certain areas can be used by teams to bring about the desired output.

Problems might arise of course when it comes to changing the look of your present environment. The easiest way around that is to provide your own environment. Being a lowly minion might not give you the authority to direct a new color scheme or to ramp up the illumination. But, displaying a simple humble potted plant might be the breath of fresh air that you and everyone else around you just might need.

The reasoning behind this comes from two studies cited in 2011 and 2013. Just placing that plant on your desk sets productivity to the next level and develops better cognitive attention. As an added bonus, mold and bacteria are naturally filtered by the plant and this leads to a healthier workspace for everyone.

The natural world does have that effect on you because we all have those biological sensitivities. Your optimal psychological and physiological functions that influence productivity find their triggers in these “roots.” That’s why if you’re designated to an enclosed area, time to bring in pictures of the outside inside. Better yet, get yourself a magnificent custom made DeskScape from Prolab Digital where you can print that mountain setting, that blossoming flower, that migrating flock, or whatever scene that touches you to bring more life into your work life. Placing similar scenes on your computer screen can be an option, but there’s nothing like having the wonders of nature just laid out before you right on your own desk area.

Taking a walk at a nearby park or just getting some sun can be the recharge you need. Don’t forget the plant, but more importantly, consider a DeskScape professionally printed and custom fitted for your workstation to give you all the nature you need to breathe.

It’s always a good thing to let in the light. Because this naturally lifts the mood of an otherwise dark and dingy atmosphere. Skylights are ideal and better to have more windows, but this may not be possible given your office layout. Keep the existing windows clean and maximize desk positions so that you and your colleagues can benefit from all this free sunlight.

Open plans might make everyone feel equal and grant easy access to your workmates. But, voices carry so it’s important to have conference areas to minimize these distractions. There’s a reason why those stuck in an open floor plan don their earphones consistently. It gives them a sense of privacy somehow.

Probably the most important factor that people require is to be able to move about. Humans weren’t made to just stay in one place. It’s good to roam to let the mind loose and get those juices flowing. The stretching of your legs and the eventual exercise can only usher in more good things. Have a lounge area so you and your associates have another space to just chill and you may be surprised on how the next big idea may just pop up.


After your bed or your dining area, the desk is most probably where you spend most of your time during the day. That’s where you get all your writing done, where you can sort out all the bills that must be paid, where you can casually or urgently answer email inquiries. The desk remains the nerve center on how you manage the day to day dealings of your life.

With a DeskScape, you can find yourself gazing constantly at a calm meadow, or a beautiful sandy beach that welcomes the deep blue waters of the sea. Whatever your preference, you can now have these engaging scenes printed by the professionals at Prolab Digital. For any size table and for any type of surface, with their more than 20 years of experience in the industry, they can custom make your DeskScape according to what you need. They use an advanced UV Flatbed Printer to place the image on an adhesive vinyl. When placed on your desk, it would really look like that it was really meant to be there.

Get more productivity out of a masterfully printed graphic appropriately termed the DeskScape by calling Prolab Digital at +1 (310) 846 4496. Nature can now transmit that positive energy and develop wondrous vibes to help you get through the many tasks that need to get done. Who wants to just be left with an ordinary drab tabletop? Get your DeskScape now and be inspired by the serenity of a favorite pet’s smile, that moonlit forest lake, or the proper setting of earth elements that just lets your mind soar.

Show your friends and colleagues that desks don’t need to be ordinary anymore. You can get the view you’ve always wanted and all the healthy benefits that come with it. DeskScape subtly invites you to escape to a better place. ■

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