Print your corporate identity or marketing graphics on existing slat wall fixtures and display units by using adhesive vinyl. We can customize your slat walls to reinforce your marketing message and help your product stand out from competitors. A variety of colors and finishes are available in adhesive vinyl, including a metallic finish.

We have helped shoe manufacturers such as Sketchers dress up their slat walls to reflect their brand identity and create distinctive themes along with a memorable look. Over the years we have created graphics for hundreds of slat walls in retail stores across the country.

  Prolab Digital is dedicated to giving our customers accurate color and the best quality possible from their digital files. We scrupulously maintain color calibration of our monitors and printers, and work with our customers to give them the quality they want. Because monitor appearances vary widely, please provide a match print as a reference if color and density of the final artwork are critical.

Prolab Digital’s in-house graphics department can help you create the look and feel for your slat wall displays. And we can install your graphics anywhere in the U.S. by tapping into a network of certified professional adhesive vinyl installers. Let us help you create a distinctive look for your in-store displays!

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