At Prolab Digital we can turn literally any surface into a megaphone for your brand. From walls to windows, floors to ceilings, nothing is off limits when it comes to broadcasting your message.

WallFrame graphics increase brand awareness by effectively utilizing your existing real-estate. WallFrames are the same durable FleetFrame graphics we use for semi truck advertisements. This allows graphics to be exchanged quickly and easily. Our WallFrame graphics have a 5 year guarantee, and come with an Anti-Graffiti / Scratch Resistant laminate. Our network of professionals can install these graphics anywhere nationwide.    

- This 26' x 7' Billboard is Visible 24 / 7  
- Low Cost  
- Your Real-estate  
- Nationwide Installation  
- Easily Change Banner  
- Save $2500 month in equivalent billboard space.  
- Elimante small window clutter

Use the WallFrame Anywhere  
- Tradeshow Halls  
- Retail Store Interiors  
- Super Markets  
- Fast Food Locations  
- Convenience Stores  
- Grocery Stores

- 5 year banner guarantee  
- Size up to 10' x 156' feet  
- Low 1/4" profile of frame  
- Quantities 1-1000's

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