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If eyes are the windows to the soul, as the saying goes, then windows provide our eyes with the means to see what the store is selling. In other words, windows become the means to see the soul of the store. We would be left guessing what’s inside the store if we only just saw a sign outside the shop and everything was boarded up. We’d be wondering if the establishment was open. What are they selling in the first place? With that being said, windows are critical in welcoming potential customers through your front door.

A good majority of restaurants have made the habit of displaying their menu outside their premises. The even have fake plastic food prominently shown in their window so inquisitive diners can get an idea of what their food looks like. All these may seem like an extreme gimmick, but if it helps fill up the tables and chairs of your establishment, then why discredit it?

Even if the retail outlet wants everyone to check out what they have, there is a subtle characteristic for well-mannered men and women not to be too intrusive. It seems so rude to just barge in, look around, then leave. But, that’s ok for most owners because you got to visit them and hopefully consider a purchase the next time you’re in the area. Maybe, window shopping has become a well-loved pastime because the “look, but don’t touch” behavior is supported. You might not feel so guilty taking a peep because you don’t want to hurt the shop keeper’s feelings by not supporting their bottom line.

So, the logical course to take is to properly inform your clients that they don’t have be too afraid. Once they get over that fear of just walking past your threshold, that’s already a big win. To assure you that your business maintains that winning edge is by properly dressing up your windows. Goods of course have to look good, but with the proper window cling signage mentioning great bargains and exceptional finds, the victory in making your customers happy is literally in the bag.

This just goes to show that signs are very important. They amuse and inform, they are meant to grab the viewer’s attention and to provide direction. It’s not just a matter of announcing an event, it’s also a way of getting people excited and committed to attending such a not to be missed affair. Sure you’ll get 50% off, but you better make it on this day at this time or else you’ll regret missing it. You would never ever think that there would be such a dependence on these window signs.


No business wants to feel like they weren’t in business. The last thing you want to hear from your target market is that they had no idea that you were around. What would make this even more tragic is that you’ve been active in the business for a good number of years. That would be an obvious cue to get your windows some cling signages in order for them to start talking about you and to actively looking for you. You’ve just transformed your usual windows into a natural billboard advertising what you and your business hopes to do for customers who happen to see your sign.

There’s that instant effect once your window cling signage is installed. There will be that pervasive recognition from people in the neighborhood who see your sign. Anything new and interesting has a life of its own and normally becomes the talk of the town. All that just by getting some amazing decals placed on your storefront.

You create a personality for your business through this sign. It has to share more than the operating hours and the name of the current proprietor. What colors are associated with your brand? What exciting graphics can be incorporated with your look? The more unique and eye-catching you make your sign; the more people will remember you.

There are the usual advertising channels like newspapers and if it’s in your budget, great to have your own television commercial. Social media sites have also grown in popularity as possible options to stretch your advertising dollar. But, a more cost-effective support for your marketing efforts should start right in your own store. That really highlights the importance of great window cling signages.

In case you need to increase privacy for your establishment, there are opaque window films in the market that can shield and confidential transactions from prying eyes coming from those passing by. And it doesn’t just have to remain a plain white or one color background, because having that mesmerizing design outside just added more interest into just what your business can do for these curious consumers. Windows always seem to present that win-win situation.

For windows that offer a view of a brick wall or a similar obstruction, that would be a good opportunity to place something else on them. A “thank you for your business” sign or another marketing campaign gives that subtle connection to your clients. And your visitors are protected from seeing obtrusive views that would have otherwise been noticed without the window graphic.

There’s that set of instructions or need for directions that people look for when they enter your place of business. Do I pull or push the door? Where can I make an inquiry through customer service? It would be detrimental to any branch to have frustrated customers uninformed and feeling lost especially when you’ve already gotten them into your store. You need to find means and ways to keep them there and eventually buy something. More than that, the whole experience for your clients should remain pleasant and problem-free.

More often than not, too much sun can be bad for any situation. If there’s too much light entering into your space, you can’t exactly see what you’re buying. Having those window cling messages gives that subtle welcoming shade. Now, your customers can shop in peace and comfort while your outside advertising helps to protect and shield their eyes. If creatively designed, the sun might add another dazzling effect to the window decals at a certain time of the day.

Some cities have certain regulations when it comes to creating banners and signs as requested by various establishments. The necessary permits need to be filled out and approved for these items to be acted upon. Thankfully, windows being an integral part of the store seem exempt from such city edicts. As long as you don’t place anything offensive or abusive, you have free reign on what to print and place on your windows without the city government interfering unnecessarily.

Window decals need not be limited to the display area of the store. The company’s website address can be subtly yet strategically placed on bathroom mirrors and other discreet locations. Car windows also become mobile billboards to promote your company’s wares and even to provide information about significant links that can lead more people to your door.

From just applying the usual painted lettering and signs to be placed on windows, this has evolved to highly complex graphics produced by the hi-tech printers employing the latest innovations in technology. Owners can now help take their businesses to the net level just by taking advantage of these window cling signages. There are firms like Prolab Digital that are more than capable in assisting you specifically for these requirements.

The signs can adjust with the seasons or the holidays coming up in the calendar year. Start placing hearts to chime in Valentine’s on your windows. Or print out beach scenes or tropical paradises so that potential tourists zero in to proactively make their dream vacations into something more tangible and real. Excite shoppers by promoting upcoming sales and one time offers that they just cannot miss. Whatever messages need to be shared, the windows are the first things to see, so the more you grab your customers’ attention, the more you increase your chance to entice them and get them to support your business. The invitation becomes just as important as the actual event. When you offer them the promise of a great deal, best to deliver on that special offer so that both of you come out smiling. The worst thing to happen is that your sign is promoting an untruth and the client doesn’t get a smooth purchasing transaction.


Wouldn’t it be great to have those convenient decors that you can put up and take down without any hassle? Instead of going through the long tedious process of cutting out stars, or clouds, or snowflakes, or whatever the season calls for, there are ready made print outs that you can just throw on your store windows. You don’t even have to use tape or any adhesive to make the decals stick because they’ll just hang there due to the nature of static electricity.

Prolab Digital can assist you in acquiring these unique fun and always high quality graphic designs for your store’s needs. There is no surface foreign to them that they can’t transform into any potential advertising space to share your message for that particular period.

The advantage of using window cling graphics is that they are a low cost solution to attracting your customers. Just throw on those posters announcing sales and other great deals so that people can begin streaming in through your doors. Without any messy residue, just peel off and change as much as you like based on what your marketing campaign schedules for that particular month.

There are two options available from Prolab Digital when it comes to window cling graphics. There’s the conventional version that appears as a laminated low tack print with UV inhibitors. This can be mounted either on the inside or outside of the window. The printing can be applied to just one side or even to both sides. There are also See-Thru window clings which allow viewers from the outside to see the graphic, without blocking the view for people who are still inside. The nice effect also filters sunlight so that it doesn’t completely block out the window view, but still maintains a nice hue within the premises.

So, windows become the natural inviter that they were meant to be. Aside from the logical product placements, promos now can be appropriately described in an informative, yet engaging manner. Onlookers see the product and are clued in to realizing that there’s an upcoming sale or a deal that they just need to get in on.

You don’t even need to spend too much on these window cling signages. They get the job on by showing your customers what products are readily available and how they can acquire them. With that support for your business, window cling signs are a no-brainer and should be your primary means of efficiently getting your message across.


Whether you want to splash your whole product line on your store windows or when the next great sale scheduled should not be missed, the properly designed window cling signage is a business investment that should be heavily considered. With more than twenty years of experience in producing these merchandising collaterals, you’ll always be in good hands with the professionals at Prolab Digital working for your varied interests.

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