Step 1: Sign In

- Click 'Login' using the existing username and password.
  If you are already signed in, proceed to Step 2.

- If you don't see the login below, click here
  to open in a new window Step 2: Create Folder

- Click the 'New Folder' button below left.
- Type your Name and Telephone then click 'Ok',
  Then select the folder that you created
Step 3: Browse and Send the files

Click the 'Upload Files' button
  to browse for the files you want to upload

- Select your file(s), click 'Ok' and it will automatically
  be uploaded with progress bar displayed. 

NOTE: If you encountered session error in uploading, just logout and re-login. If you need a private login please call us at 310-846-4496 to request for username/password.


Have Questions? Call us at: 310-846-4496.